Following Survivors: Akhir- BBC News

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Following Survivors: Akhir- BBC News
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the accident I was sent back to Romania these are my scars from the crash from too much water we tried to reach Germany several times I couldn’t walk without crutches but my friends help me smug lattuca’s my taxi to the Hungarian border we got into a lorry they told us the journey would take just 406 hours in fact it was 37 and it was very cold we have no food just water until goes to another place then we got in the car and the driver said
Europe is trying to close its borders to people smugglers, but migrants are still being brought through on dangerous – and expensive – routes. BBC News tracked down the survivors of a serious accident on the ‘Balkan’ route, to find out what this journey is really like, and how people get into Western Europe.

The story starts with a van crash on the ‘Balkan route’ through Turkey and Eastern Europe – the route that the governments of Germany, Austria and Hungary have tried to stop. One of these smugglers was driving a van full of men women and children from Northern Iraq, when Hungarian police gave chase. A serious accident followed, killing two and injuring 17.

Over the following months, BBC News tracked down all the survivors, to see what really happens to the people that countries like Hungary are trying to keep out of Europe.

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