Footprint: Remembering the Twin Towers | Op-Docs

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Footprint: Remembering the Twin Towers | Op-Docs
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but you don’t have that appointment and then they one more plane the passengers on that plane they fought back they save that plant and cracking the u.s. cabinet with people hero four people I’m going to take us right here cuz it’s true where there is shaved and there is Sun so we don’t get everyone’s way if we can stay over here on the left hand side will be in good shape Z Memorial contact with it to actually touch the names so do not feel that the appropriate behavior that shows a respected to be standoffish it is not the only thing that we do ask and I really doubt that any of you would have the impulse to do anyhow do not put things on the name Cote elbows cups bags anything like that the other thing I want to say to you is this send people over 90 countries dye hair that morning they were Christians and Jews Muslims Hindus Buddhist atheist powerful company but almost every single one of them guys not morning it going today do something next full of us dude with most of our Lives they woke up and they went to the walk Valencia at Big Y alright keep your time hello hello so I want to talk to you about the pools directly in front of you is the South Pole to South Pole stands in the footprint of the South power World Trade Center number 2 that’s exactly where we’ll trade center number to that goes around the pool of trees represent the outer wall of the building so that means in a few minutes and you go past those trees you will be standing what was once the lobby of World Trade Center number 2 you’re going to see the falls one person killed on 911 you can see the bottom of that opening because it’s a boy and a boy is a symbol of the emptiness over the loss of life he from the pool what someone will do this in your loved one and please feel free to do the very same take their hand put in the water rub their hand over a name Watercourse a symbol of life names on the wall they are not arranged in alphabetical order for example people who work in the same building that together firefighters out of the same Firehouse together is Precinct together we call that meaningful adjacencies people together in death just the way they were together in life I guess you’ll probably neither I can imagine he hard story FirstBank be picked up and I can sit on the safe acupuncture already cutting out Shelton from just said
With the anniversary of 9/11 approaching, this week’s Op-Doc is “Footprint: Where the Towers Stood,” by Sara Newens. The film paints an intimate portrait of one day’s visitors to the 9/11 Memorial — and the ways grief, curiosity and everyday life mix and coexist. It’s a profound exploration of a public space designed to sustain and extend public memory.

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