For Fact’s Sake: Everyone Wouldn’t Be Poor If President Trump Was Impeached | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

the president’s thought on the market and your money has a scratching our heads this morning somebody who’s done a great job I’ll tell you what if I haven’t got a pizza I think the market would crash everybody would be very poor because without this thinking you would see if you would see numbers that you wouldn’t believe in Reverse you wouldn’t believe in reverse then that would mean that you two numbers that you would believe let’s leave that aside for a second of looming impeachment and the surrounding uncertainty can have an effect on markets is no question about that but for facts sake what the market crash if Trump were impeached we don’t have a lot of history on this a President Bill Clinton in the fall of 1998 the market dropped you can see that there that’s the head of the star report being released a dropped almost 20% ahead of the report that was released by The investigator but the report didn’t contain anything groundbreaking and the market drops settled shortly after the relief know when the impeachment impeachment proceedings began get this the S&P 500 which is what we look at actually begin to climb gaining 28% by the time that the Senate impeached Bill Clinton already quoted Bill Clinton they didn’t even teach him Market participants want certainty in the wake of an impeachment there is a possibility of a sell-off but an impeachment does by no means guarantee CNBC editor-at-large John Hart what the first thing we have to say when comparing things to past examples as it relates to Market in the economy is that the economy in 2018 is not the same as the economy was in 1990 there’s actually a reason I didn’t use the Richard Nixon example because back in the early nineties 1970s the impact and the significance of the market are very different than they are now if the present actually believes that and he might because his self-absorption is so complete that he seems to think that everything revolves around him if he actually believes that he’s completely out of touch with reality we’re in a lie as you know a 9-year bull market most of which occurred under President Obama to take the totality of President Obama’s 8 years in office the Dow is up 149% the Dow is up about 29% during Trump’s presidency so far it is true that in 2017 there was a market boost then I think it part was inspired by the actions he was taking on deregulation and part on the expectation of tax cuts and so the market continue to go up deep late into the recovery pretty sharply last year however it’s basically flat this year because the actions the president vontade are damaging to economic prospects in the future and so know the economy would not the markets would not crash if the president left there might be a blip associated with the uncertainty but you going to respond to economic fundamentals corporate profitability and that vagina Demarcus negatively and they haven’t because it has Corporation continue to be profitable markets continue to go up now that could change we’re well into Arissa into a. Of growth were 10 years into a bull market almost that that independently could could turn around the fact that the tax cuts front-loaded some economic activity but have increased budget deficits and the facts about the effects of the president’s trade policies have a lot of forecasters upgrading the possibility of a recession by 2020 that is because of what we’re connected with actions that the president has taken so yes the car is going to turn down at some point we haven’t repealed the business cycle there will be a recession but it’s not going to be triggered by Donald Trump leaving office you can make an argument that markets would feel a lot more calm and have uncertainty who is the Mike Pence for president for the next couple years and Donald Trump that the president is making to to a lot of Americans say well the one thing you got going for you is going well if I am impeached it’ll tank the markets what’s your take I think you actually missed the dynamic president was engaged in an observational thinking was making an economic forecast I think he was making a threat I think he was saying hey the economy is looking pretty good to be a shame if somebody were to burn it down somebody who had control over the launching trade Wars changing regulations applying tax rates to different group I think everybody should take a step back and ask yourself do you honestly think that if they moved to impeach Donald he’s not going to try to burn it to the ground and I think that’s what he said subscribe and click on any of the videos here to watch the latest interviews and highlights you can get more MSNBC for free everyday with our newsletters just visit newsletters to sign up now
President Trump said this morning that if he ever got impeached, the markets would crash and everyone would be very poor. For Fact’s Sake, Ali Velshi takes a look at how markets actually work and what happened to stocks during Bill Clinton’s impeachment. Weighing in: John Harwood and Austan Goolsbee.
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For Fact’s Sake: Everyone Wouldn’t Be Poor If President Trump Was Impeached | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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