Ford developing a delivery robot named Digit

Ford developing a delivery robot named Digit
Ford developing a delivery robot named Digit
Ford has developed a new delivery robots, they actually called it. Did you eat two legs Walks Like a human lifting packages, the way up to 40 lbs video, this thing working on solving the how much we pair it with our autonomous vehicle so that it can finish the task in the last 50.? What’S a rough idea, it’s super hard to predict, but one thing that we’re we’re, hoping for in the reason we’re starting this research now is that it gives us the option if everything goes well to to have this ready to pair with our town, it’s going into Production in and we’re starting working on the the challenges, starting with how do you pair the robot with the vehicle? How does it the information that it needs in order to finish the task like having a map of the area, knowing what path to walk on these are all the challenges that we’re solving today in our in our pilot project, with Amazon partner, as fast as you Can tell me more about it cuz, that’s really remarkable stuff. Can Washington
Ford CTO Ken Washington on the company’s efforts to develop delivery robots.

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