Ford government moving ahead with cuts to Ontario municipalities | Power & Politics

Ford government moving ahead with cuts to Ontario municipalities | Power & Politics
Ford government moving ahead with cuts to Ontario municipalities | Power & Politics
After pressing pause earlier this year, Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced today is this freaking Ontario announce cuts to money, it gives cities and towns Republic which mare is Warren, would mean less funding for services like kids, breakfast program, vaccinations and water quality testing. There should have been an indication on the part of municipalities that they would be expected to play their part to the province. Also plans. Finding municipalities cried foul, saying they had is budgeted for those cuts. Don’T have residents banging down the doors saying that they want Les services, but they have trono calculator day after day night after night weekend after weekend, more letters and envelopes and emails and smoke signals come out of their saying that there’s cost to everything, but they need More time so will will work with them and at the end of the day, they’re the taxpayers are going to be better off. People have to pay 30 % of Public Health care costs in 20 % of the cost of creating new child care spaces. Other administrative costs are being put off for at least another year, though those details were revealed today. There are still a lot of questions, bigger cuts, for example, still on the horizon, and how much money is actually in dollar-for-dollar since being cut. Steve Clarke is Ontario’s. Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing he joins me from the shaw center in downtown Auto 104 Clark. Nice to see you again, I’ve actually nice to be on the show again will take on 70 % full. However, still a 50/50 split by 2021 was we wanted to hit the pause button for this year and have an opportunity to gauge municipalities. What what Minister Elliott said today regarding the 70-30 split is is is in addition to the fact that we’re still going to be meeting with our Municipal Partners. We are still have set up a technical tables to talk about how the system will transform. So there’s lots of consultation to come and lots of discussion to come 50/50 car sharing agreement. Is that still the angle, effective and efficient, and and what we’re trying to do is to allow municipalities exactly what they’ve asked for they’ve asked for either money or time to be able to work with us for those improvements? So the announcement today was for only 20/20. It’S it dealt with that 70/30 guarantee, so many municipalities who obviously have existed Grimace around 73 will see no change. The the most that a municipality will see reduced is is by 10 %, but the most important thing is we’ll continue to work together and, and the one thing that I learned since 27th is. There is incredible political well out there by our Municipal Partners to sit at a table with us help us try to meet some of her physical goals but at the same time provide good public services to their taxpayers, and I think we’ve accomplished that today nothing is Determined nothing is set in stone for 2021, very clear to our Municipal, partisan, listen to. We had a historic opportunity for the premier to sit at the mo mou table. He said very clearly today before the delegates that he wants to work with them that he wants to have a collaborative till. We want to listen to them and – and we’ve we’ve heard the message that in the challenging physical environment, they want to work with us. But at the same time, we need to give them time to give them time. He needs to use their talents at the municipal level to be able to transform some of these Public Services 0 %. We we offered them in May, but but but we’ve guaranteed them. Today is a sheet that there’s going to be 4 % more this fiscal year and more next next fiscal year as well. In addition to going to work with us on some of the dispatching issues that today identified that they could help us, with with efficiencies in savings, government can be split means in dollars like $ 1 as being cut from public health in their budget. Mr Elliott was very clear that those technical tables that we set up or both Public Health and emergency services is going to continue. We want to make sure that we have experts in the municipal field at the table working with us in, and I know that both of them are Watson and meritorious understand that we want to do this in a collaborative vein, that we want to make sure that We we we slow down and have those valuable discussions before they set the 20/20 bar we’re going to do that. You regret not doing that. The first time around you were got. The impression left was that you were not collaborative set. The pause for a very good reason he wanted to just take the time to actually slowed things down and have that conversation and took to be able to press the pause button on the 2019 budget. Now, in this conference, not only have we, we are providing some certainty in 2020, but we’ve also delivered on many of the things that municipalities wanted. They wanted to have some certainty for 2020 for the interior Municipal partnership fund. We did that today they wanted the community recreation stream construction to the open. We gave that certainty today for September 3rd we’ve, given them cannabis money that they’ve asked for. We move forward on Municipal modernization, money to the tune of 200 million, and we’ve got over 90 % of those large urban communities have signed on for audit and accountability committee. Accountability find no one can say that we haven’t listened and no one can say that we we aren’t collaborating. This is the way we’re going to move forward and I think if he came down and talk to some of the delegates on the floor, they would agree that there’s a partnership, attitude and atmosphere at the conference and people want to work with our government Audis. For the two services that I had that I mentioned being public health and in the fact that we’ve taken the the funding issues for emergency service and Paramedic Services off the table, obviously we leave. We now realize that Child Care peace will be not phased in over a three-year period and again, we’ve got time from now till the budgets are set. This fall to actually have an engagement and have some technical table some conversations, some dialogue, which is what qualities of always said from us. If you can’t give us the money at least give us the time we tried to do both that one-day selections, Public Health. As an example, when we say that no one municipality will have more than 10 % reduction, if there are funds that need to be provided. As part of the transition to sure that they get to that level, we’re going to be doing that the same the same thing with some of the other public services for sit down with me to spell Lisa talk about, but the premier has been clear. We are going to provide that funding. Many municipalities have come forward, obviously want to see details Minister, Elliot and Her speech provided some of those details and will continue to sit down with a mohu are very eager to have those two. I take your point that it’s obvious on a case-by-case basis, but I’m thinking here as a matter of scale. You know if a municipality says were 60 million dollar short verses to is there an envelope of finding a maximum amount that your government is willing to provide made? In total, the premier is indicated that there will be transitional funding. We will work from now till the nipple budgetary cycle. Does this fall to sit down and work and will establish that will establish that that fund with Municipal Council? So no money has been a lot of. At this point. We have made a decision to a lot money for the municipal transition fun. But again I want to do it collaboratively Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs, Steve Clark, News Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Ontario Premier Doug Ford said cuts to public health, child care and land ambulance funding will take effect Jan. 1. Child-care and health-care advocates are slamming the provincial government’s plan to go ahead with some of its controversial municipal funding cuts next year.
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