Ford’s decision shows ‘contempt’ for the people of Toronto

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Ford’s decision shows ‘contempt’ for the people of Toronto
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very happy to bring in former Toronto mayor David Miller who standing by in downtown Toronto with reaction to this mr. Miller always good to have you on CTV what do you think and certainly the way he’s gone about it is completely outrageous the your story noted the campaign registration. Ended at 2 today in at 9 this morning to announce that we’re having a completely different election is is just wrong on top of that the current law is City of Toronto sets its own boundaries for elections that just had a year-and-a-half consultation which tens of thousands of people were involved and came up with the current boundaries in the current Constitution to council so work of the people of Toronto arbitrarily has is fundamentally wrong anti-democratic and the result itself if he gets his way I will be very bad you were the mayor of Toronto for seven years and I’m curious whether you think there is an argument he made that the city council is to Big some at its best the form of government do we have in Toronto is highly Democratic there’s no party text there’s no person telling you how to vote it’s up to people to represent their neighborhoods and the way the system works and needs leadership to address issues and you know if you use my time in office as the president between 2003 and 2010 we showed it leadership on issues like public transit like helping people off the street in the homes like investing in young people in low-income neighborhoods I made massive progress so the system can work if you have the right leadership one of the ironies here is mr. Ford was critical about the progress on Transit while we made huge progress so while I was in office and then his brother cancelled some of the construction costing literally a hundred million dollars so it’s it’s not to me the number of politicians it’s who you will like them what they’re doing that’s that matters and in the case of Toronto we’ve we’ve had some pretty good results with this kind of system some of the criticism coming out today mr. Miller and I know you’ve heard it is that this is payback and retribution by Doug Ford angry with his former colleagues his rivalry with John Tory his anger over how his late brother was treated now that he is in charge unconstitutionally has the right to do this I he intends to push forward constitutionally you have the right to retroactively cancel an election that’s been constituted under applicable laws which is what he’s doing here you know that’s something that would happen in an authoritarian country in some other part of the world so we’ll see what Fort say about that I can’t view Motors to mr. Ford it’s just such an outrageous way of going about it and such the wrong decision you know municipal government isn’t like the province or the federal government note this debate laws counselors are there tours presenting their constituents and go to meetings on local issues every night of the week and if you represent an area that’s too big people can’t get that kind of representation which people in Toronto space nothing across the country demands they want their counselor there when the development they don’t like they want them there to help young people get jobs and deal with public safety issues they want them there to help their local parks and environment be stronger and if you’re representing iron 10,000 people which is in a bigger than many cities in Canada be there in those kinds of issues so it’s it’s taking away the rights of the people to the be democratically represented that I think the worst thing about this and I think we’ll see people speak out very strongly in this city people are watching across the country mr. Miller we just want to have some graphics to show people sort of all the different city council’s that we’ve chosen from different cities in Canada stack of Montreal 64 counselors and the population of a half a size of Toronto Ottawa Calgary Vancouver just to give a bit of a frame of reference here much smaller cities of course than Toronto we are hearing from mayor Tori about the notion of a referendum and again there are questions over whether that itself it is even feasible and legal and practical is that part of this answer here do you think there needs to be a straw long response from city council what can they do here in Council Bluffs should simply be saying no because that’s what you’re hearing from the people at Toronto and pick us it’s so wrong just before an election closes to two play they changed the role just like the bottom of the ninth inning and all of a sudden you let one team have 6 outs or something and it in a baseball analogy and I also do want to come in on the number counselors issue because what people may understand across Canada is Toronto is a blend of local government so it does services like housing social assistance Public Health that and other places maybe done not by that local governments so there there’s a lot of Toronto does it’s actually the fifth largest government and so the idea that it can be run in the same way or so a government that doesn’t have those responsibilities his is simply farcical and I don’t know if that’s too forward is trapped by his own ideology or at some personal motivation the really egregious decision done in the worst possible way it indicates a contempt for the people of Toronto and a contempt for local government and you don’t want to see that in a premier at all David Mueller the former Toronto from 2003 to 2010 great to have you on the program thank you for taking the time for CTV today
Former mayor David Miller says the way Ontario Premier Doug Ford planned changes to Toronto city council is ‘completely outrageous.’

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