Ford’s PCs tone down question period after rowdy rhetoric

you want to save the people of Toronto 25 million dollars when it comes to reducing the size of their city council and I were very very willing to answer those questions funny questions that the official opposition may have for us today period reached a point where the speaker had to recess the house at the NDP house leader long time change their Janice Andrea as he’s mentioned it was a pretty rockin stay in the legislature yesterday as a premier and other conservative members Hughes NDP and PPO besaw of mocking one of the new Tori and pee pees position of the Premier look up door they saved by Khalid Rashid South Asian accent the premier calling it racist the new MPP who was asking a question about the Tories decision to scrap elections for regional chair positions and Peele Niagara Muskoka did he himself didn’t hear anything because he was speaking at the time when questioned about the alleged mockery beside himself Express this may saying he’s never made any disparaging comments about anybody government house leader Todd Smith said yesterday that the toys wouldn’t answer any and if he questions in the house today unless and until Rasheed got an apology however today as you’ve mentioned they were verse that decision although they still maintain diesel spoke out of turn the end of the day we are here for the people of Ontario and therefore I requested the premier and The Honorable house theater at Minnesota Todd Smith that we should continue with the question and answer. and I really appreciate that they said that’s all good and move on and work for the people of Ontario I would say that clearly we have very very respected members that sit directly across from mr. beefs on who are one average percent certain that they heard what they heard and you know sometimes things get said during question. Everybody enjoys a good Heckle sometimes people get carried away and I think in this case mr. be so I made a mistake I’m not saying that he’s a bad man I think he made a mistake that’ll be clear there is no audio or video that anyone’s been able to obtain about this alleged incident still the conservatives maintain that could actually Rashid is owed an apology to Andrea
The tone in Queen’s Park was much more subdued Wednesday but still smoldering is an accusation of racism aimed at the NDP house leader.

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