Former bank CEO slams Trump’s handling of China trade tension

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Former bank CEO slams Trump’s handling of China trade tension
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Former bank CEO slams Trump’s handling of China trade tension
Former bank CEO slams Trump’s handling of China trade tension
Trophy have two industrial Giants both taking on severe levels of that type of is. Loss of purchasing power is not good for either one so that there is a winner in the fight, but both sides lose so the winner is the one who loses for me all. I got the winner in this trade Wars alone and loses the least that was Alan Greenspan with Maria Bartiromo this morning at it’s just, he should have picked up with the former Wells Fargo CEO, Richard, A cabasa Deadshot. How about Richard A it’s very good to have you what’s remarkable? Is the markets they’re fully aware morelets going out seavolution to say we don’t know where he’s getting that upcoming meeting thing and then letting it be known that they had about three and a half trillion dollars to play with to support their economy? If it comes to big tires that last a long time make of the market sort of pooh-poohing, all of that today and go back to fundamentals, actually does the economy and you get back to it in both countries interested they get. This done. It’S on to that and the comments. I think it is going to have a negative effect on the world economy, just Summit and also it is going to impact the stock market. I think at this level of the stock market problems dealing with save face and Trump thinks he has to win and that’s very dangerous. You want to win without making it look like you’re, the winner he’s the opposite. He doesn’t care we’re not going to have a deal. Are we appointment about point? Is that it’s going to be a crowd that is largely unfriendly to one of the better word capitalist who they say have abused the privilege? What do you say? Capitalism has created the most world’s for the most people for the longest communist China and Russia, Venezuela and Cuba. They have unemployment at 4. I don’t know how many decades of coast of double digits all the time. Is that what you want, but you have to make the case – and I think it’s it’s up to the other party or whoever is there play against the make the case that that this is better than any other alternative that has existed, existed permanent one? I have no idea what’s going on since 2009 and okay, we should watch her closely very good having a Richard thanks for coming by Richard about to hit the former Wells Fargo
Former Wells Fargo CEO Richard Kovacevich on the potential impact of the mounting trade tensions with China and the debate over capitalism versus socialism.

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