Former CIA Director On NK Missiles: ‘It’s Not Surprising At All’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

really I was John Brennan the former director of CIA he’s now NBC senior National Security and intelligence analyst welcome very much good to see you John receiving satellite photos I’ve talked to all of this cremation Wall Street Journal as well as continuing to build they can stay discontinued testing months and months ago it is testing because they were moving to a new production stage of doosan so you are to be commended for that the agreements between work toward another ization with great uncertainty about what they mean by demonetization and so their continued efforts to either produce his material and there are reports that that continues as well as continue to develop their intercontinental ballistic missile capability is ICBM the ones that can reach the American Homeland on is taking advantage of this time right now to continue to develop his capabilities abilities to deliver those nuclear warheads so I think this is something to be greatly concerned about I know my pay was trying to negotiate some type of arrangement but again it’s not surprising at all given the continued assessment I believe the until Owen has no intention to give up his nuclear weapons and it seems to be going very well how difficult is it for his intelligence advisors and his secretary of state now to try to inject some reality into these negotiations when the president is bragging about it publicly it must be very difficult for them to try to convey to him the seriousness of the issue it to make sure that he understands what is and is not happening really mr. Trump continues to grandstand in to say things publicly that are far removed from the truth I’m reminded Hamlet’s Soliloquy in terms of full of Sound and Fury signifying nothing and I think a lot of times we hear mr. Trump spouts out on these issues will it be on the meeting with mr. Putin become genwunner others and it’s not much there there and these are very very serious issues that really affect us National Security and I’m hoping that it all of his advisers in the intelligence Community seriously what he believes or what he wants people to believe it’s happening he really needs to make progress on these very thorny National Security issues you heard from John Boehner on one of the Sunday talk shows saying we’ll Pompeo can maybe do this in a year or so I asked Dan Coates about that and he was very explicit video you can’t do what’s your projection as well as to their nuclear Seminole programs which means to destroy the WarHeads to tear down or two we dismantle those facilities that are produced as material the Machining in the engineering facilities all of this is part of that program and if we’re really going to have them denuclearize there has to be a very comprehensive plan and program to be able to get them to move along that path but so far I’ve seen nothing at all then North Korea says it’s dismantled testing facility Well it’s already tested a nuclear device a half dozen times for North Korean standards of reliability I think that’s sufficient and so therefore they continue to grow that stockpile as well as to develop the capability to deliver the war to the potential targets threats against only a week or so ago was saying yesterday he would talk to the leader of Iran with nope the conditions have a very safe quickly fix that or tried to fix it on CNBC by listing three specific preconditions but what about the president’s attitude towards these meetings with leaders of Rogues it’s rather a dressers and policy on the Fly and so whatever comes into his mind he decides to say it he has a greatly greatly inflated view of his ability to move Boothbay the needle on some of these key Nest security issues with if we are North Korea or Russia or Ron and therefore when he says I’m only made with anyone anytime I believe that he means it but I don’t think he understands just how come these issues are and also he probably realizes that the Iranians are not going to take him at his word because his word it really is that proved to be worthless he is not somebody who is a you able to actually pinned down on some of these issues this is the first chance I’ve had to talk to you since the threats from the White House to strip you of your security clearance are they followed up on that and what are the implications of it for you from the White House spokesperson I’m not surprised that this is something that has thought up about off on these issues and so he got the mr. Trump’s here I don’t know what’s going to happen but you know they have a security clearance view my files so I can be prepared for Congressional committee hearings or as well as interviews by staff but I have I don’t go back to the interstate and get briefings I’ve never requested everything on any issue over the past year-and-a-half since I left government so again this is mr. call center Paul in mr. Trump is trying to make some public in oh hey by by saying these things but I have not heard nothing more about it since last week is a lot to me other great videos
John Brennan, former CIA Director joins Andrea Mitchell, commenting on signs that North Korea is continuing to build new missiles. Brennan says, “I think it is something to be greatly concerned about.” He also mentions that it’s not surprising at all since the agreement in Singapore left everyone with great uncertainty.
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Former CIA Director On NK Missiles: ‘It’s Not Surprising At All’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

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