Former GOP governor to Trump: Step down

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Former GOP governor to Trump: Step down
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the former New Jersey governor who also served as a member of President George W Bush’s cabinet Christie Todd Whitman writes in the Los Angeles Times op-ed title calling my fellow Republicans Trump is clearly unfit to remain in office quote I am alive I campaigned one is a member of the party and I have served more than one Republican president you must put aside the GOP label as hard as that may be and demonstrate the leadership our country needs by calling on the president to step down not mincing words not not trying to Pie by Nuance that’s a clear statement Christine Todd Whitman is out front I appreciate your time look at it took a lot for you to Hillary Clinton you’re doing it now what made you decide to do this now for the final straw for me was the way he behaved over in Europe for the EU and NATO meetings when he basically just our allies and set them aside and embrace Putin when you take the oath of office you agree and hold of your right hand and Swear to protect and defend the Constitution the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic Putin is an enemy he is not going to be our Ally nothing against that but the phone over him the way the president did to set aside our allies to throw everything into uncertainty on the people who are for the people were on our side in order to appear more closely aligned find where somebody like that gladimir Putin that’s just not good for the country so strongly back president Trump he was saying I believe his 88 that are related no matter how you look at it it is a stratospheric approval rating among Republicans that’s the key there such a small percentage of the registered voters I don’t doubt that he can but if they’re only 2029 and now that I’ve heard 26% of Voters identify as Republicans so if you’re talkin yes if you get that out it’s a serious walk but that’s a small percentage of the overall potential electric face the Republican base those who self-identify as Republicans now are between 26 and 29% 30% of Democrats say they’re Democrats in 40 years Independence or unaffiliated so you got a huge walking and those that 40% is not going to even break 50-50 the party would you leave Republican would you leave the party though as some have done no not right now I still want to fight for the party I believe in the Republican party what we used to stand for I don’t think that Donald Trump is truly a Republican you know the thing is so if he were to do what you’re asking to step down quote wise quote there are problems with impeaching Donald Trump a big one is the holy Terror waiting in the wings that would be my pension mirrors the boss more than you realize he’s also self-infatuated also a bigot also a liar also cool alright that’s that’s the one person’s very strong point of view be clear Mike Pence has a very strong point of view on things like abortion and gay and lesbian relationships in Indiana he has a strong point of view which his all those issues in the same way and I don’t think he will put us into a war or a difficult situation I don’t think he would disrespect the Constitution next 2 years those positions are two of the most consequential aspect of his 10-year the economy is cooking his point of view is he’s done a good job since 2014 that was only four years ago and I hate it so we seen it before he should take credit cuz he get the blame if he didn’t know if he were in there there’s no question about that is that what I see is a really dangerous undermining of the Norms that are the basis of our democracy this idea about false news it scares me when the president knighted states will stand up and say don’t believe anything you see or anything you hear all news is fake only believe me that’s not the kind of country we are
Former GOP Governor Christine Todd Whitman discusses her LA Times op-ed where she wrote that President Trump is “clearly unfit to remain in office.”

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