Former PM Campbell apologizes for rooting for hurricane to hit Trump resort | Power & Politics

Former PM Campbell apologizes for rooting for hurricane to hit Trump resort | Power & Politics
Former PM Campbell apologizes for rooting for hurricane to hit Trump resort | Power & Politics
Former Canadian Prime Minister of hurricane Dorian, she tweeted this I’m rooting for a direct hit on Mar-A-Lago camel was, of course, referring to US President Donald Trump. The Twitter response, however, was fast and furious. Many slam Campbell online, including former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, and Eric Trump, the president pain and Mar-A-Lago, and sincerely apologize to all of offended. It was intended as sarcasm, not a serious wish of harm throwaway lines get a life of their own on Twitter. I should know better me a call, but so is the deletion and the apology sufficient time for the power panel and run call Marty patriquin of the Montreal Gazette here with me and studiolo DeForest Murray, Guardian Adelia headline Road itself, former Canadian Prime Ministers, someone who treats Her mind: it’s not the first time, she’s, done. and the way she’s been. Maybe this was a bit too much unfortunate that that that she wouldn’t of a country. I think I think it’s a good thing that she retracted it now they’re covering to make land in Florida over them in tonight over the next few days and then hit other parts are out. There’S a lot of worried about the possible destruction exactly as you and Marie are pointing out. They are actually life-and-death situations, as we seen time and time again notches in the US, but in other places – and I think especially for the people in the US. I think it actually got more coverage internationally at beginning that in Canada onion some ways, because she has a profile in Canada than other former Prime Ministers before the international press, of course she’s. So former prime minister, in that that comes with a certain gravitas, an expectation around it, and she is also still no arm’s length – I guess from the government, because she still is on a panel appointed by the prime minister. So she still does. She has given that credibility by the current government, and so I think that is what call People by surprise. is referring to. His is the Canadian The Advisory Board, judicial appointments for cool back seats and she’s the she’s, the chair, the piano with that rule was affected At All. By what happened – and I spoke sources of the Tweet – has been deleted. She upon she apologized. We have nothing to add, so it looks like her status remains because you’re driving in traffic and driving traffic, like here’s, a woman who has a distinguished career post, that has a hand in choosing a Judicial forms for the Supreme Court of Canada. Do you have to have that you don’t have a choice? The United States is kind of change the game in that respect the biggest storm in the history of Florida. That’S about two people are, there is very very high. Chances is going to be dead. People after use comes 126 rooms. In that end in Mar-A-Lago, would she go up to it comes off really really badly, because I had literally one of my questions to her when we did like a power lunch with her was play. Tweet free, specifically Donald Trump, I value most highly, are under threat, and that worries me. I’M a former Soviet specialist so at leader of the world’s greatest democracy, who plays footsie with Vladimir Putin and can’t bring himself criticize him can’t bring himself to acknowledge, even though the the FBI has made it clear that the Russians interfered in America. That is absurd because she may be the form for that, isn’t a place where you’re limited to how many words is it 200 and where you know it is no for sarcasm in in tweeting of jokes and and saying jokes, maybe maybe do that work elsewhere. Maybe having the last word on the stuff, when your isn’t necessarily shouldn’t necessarily be your game, if you’re that concerned about democracy in United State there’s, also a difference between discussing democracy and discussing the relationship between Donald Trump and Russia, discussing the rule of law and that She mentioned earlier no-trump ultimate about the questions around what he tweets, but if she is suggesting that clip that she’s taking the higher Road right right in that she is trying to show what the standard is. And I think that she’s acknowledged by between her apology, that that was not the standard yeah she double down on it and then and then apologize. I think someone talk to her because it doesn’t look good, for it are in politics to see more of our show by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Former prime minister Kim Campbell apologized for sending a tweet rooting for Hurricane Dorian to hit Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort.

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