Former PM Kim Campbell rips Andrew Scheer’s climate plan | Power & Politics

Former PM Kim Campbell rips Andrew Scheer’s climate plan | Power & Politics
Former PM Kim Campbell rips Andrew Scheer’s climate plan | Power & Politics
Do you still consider yourself a conservative? Will I’ve never join the Conservative Party of Canada? I think Joe Clark express it that he didn’t make the party the party left him. I’M sorry, I’m I have no time for climate deniers. Who is trying to pussyfoot around? It is a serious, serious issues and we need to add to attack at and carbon taxes are eminently sensible. The progressive conservative MP for Vancouver central unconventional politician and you guys are going to have to get used to me. She Rose to several cabinet positions in Brian mulroney’s government in 1993, when he retired from politics Campbell leadership on the second ballot over Joshua. He became Canada’s first female prime minister, but her time as prime minister was short-lived. Just 4 months, Landslide Victory Campbell lost her own seed and step down. As leader 7 weeks later, Campbell has been busy since leaving politics. She worked with many International organizations focused on Democracy, leadership, International policy for an event with other female first Minister’s, none of whom want a second term just down the street from Parliament. Hill is the historic Fairmont Chateau Laurier kept inside its Gothic walls is Wilford. That’S where we sat down the right honorable can count today. No, I didn’t you to be a first Minister, prime minister. You have to be leader of a cup of a party that can form of government, and so those three parties would really be the Liberals. The PCS and their successor, the conservative party at least 12 leadership changes among those three parties. Since I’ve been out of office and none of them has elected a leader, I like it a woman. Is there later.? I very well. Thank you if you think I’m just going to have the apple walnut salad, that sounds very good I’ll have the summer beam. Thank you thanks a lot. So when you think about that, why do you think that is and how does it make you feel? Well, I think what the problem is. First of all, if a party can form a government, it’s a very attractive to somebody to want to lead it. So the fight for the leadership is a tough one. Women have to have an opportunity to build their credibility. So having women serving cabinet and have that kind of experience, as women always need to have more experience than then I mean that’s just the double standard, I think the barriers, the same thing with running with having candidates photos of made it clear they will like women Once you were nominated, if your women, you have his much likelihood of being elected as a man, you know all things considered whether this is a good seat for your party or not within the party’s. I think it’s harder for women to break through, because those are the people who decide who their leader is going to be. You know. Even I mean I was elected at a convention and I campaigned across the country. It was like – and you know, presidential primary within my party – that the choice was made not not a broad general election, so those are the things that really have to change. A people have to see women as Leaders, so the more people can see women doing these things, the more normalized it becomes. Are you worried that yo? We won’t live to see another woman as prime minister in this country, given that it has been more than two decades since you are there moment. You know the leadership of the party’s looks to be in a reasonably stable, but you know a week is an eternity in politics, so you never know give it more widely. Speaking as we head into the federal election, I watch your tweets. We all kind of look at what you treat what you retweet. Do you still consider yourself, a conservative leave the party, the party left him. It is not the progressive conservative party – and you know our party was the party of the acid rain treaty, the Montreal protocol. I’M sorry time for climate deniers and anybody you know who is trying to pussyfoot around. It is a serious, serious issue and we need to add to attack it if I’m not going to live to see the worst of it. But that’s not the point. The point is we future generations and the young people of today to address this issue so fine. Bigfoot around they don’t really come out and say what they commit themselves to dealing with it and produced a plan that has no targets. It’S really is.. I think so. You know I’ve been very interested and what are the because that are available, the armrest to help regulate emissions and carbon taxes are, as are eminently sensible, a particular when you have a carbon tax, which is where there are rebates. It still affect what people behave, but it keeps it from being a fugitive for, for lower-income people are people who rely on their cars first number for their work. Why do you think that we’ve heard of the provincial level and at the federal level appears at least in some of the provincial cases, to resume I’m heading back, to the extent that the government will get some refuse? A lot of them are going back. It’S designed to change Behavior, but the, but what you need are the incentives for people to use alternate energy. Is there a political party that you would align? Well, I kind of wait and see what’s happening on Election Day there, a lot of people that conservative party that I like very much so I’m in good people but too late. Now we don’t have time to hope for people an end if they’re saying things, because they’re they’re they’re playing to our recalcitrant Invasion, Tim. I’ll do differently. Whatever that sorry, that’s too much of a risk. I want to also ask you about another big story that occurred, that your name came up kind of in the middle of all of it, and I was the snc-lavalin story appointed in time in which your your name was involved about a comment, but the Milgard case. Essentially, Miss wilson-raybould said that that she had met with you and that you did not have the characterization. When you met what what happened Brian Mulroney had ever it tried to interfere and it’s interesting cuz. I saw what he’d written in his book, which was not true, but but even he doesn’t claim that he told me what to do and he never did, but he certainly never ever suggested how I should find in the cave or what decision I could make. But what he did say was when Mrs Milgard blindsided me. I went to speak in Winnipeg and she appeared with TV cameras and stuff and I was very uncomfortable because I wasn’t sure, under the terms of the statute that I was was that I was even allowed to talk to her that it might compromise things inside. When I just enter you know, if you want your son to have a fair hearing and you can talk later apologized to realize it was that wasn’t very helpful and that that I look too bad. He said you know that was a a lawyer’s response on a politician’s response. I thought about. You know. Sorry, I was wearing my different. Had the whole story was about wilson-raybould was, I was wearing that hat at that time. Were you convinced by that? What the but the point, why is it that she wanted to know whether you know I had had that been experiencing? The answer was, what do you think of experience she went through are liberals are not interested in joining any other party what they believe in, and I think it’s really kind of sad. You have not hitting your feelings about mr. Trump at all. What is it about him? What is it about that has compelled you to sort of takis and publicly passionate advocate for democracy and the rule of law, and I filled many of the things that I value most high are under threat, and that worries me. I’M a former Soviet specialist, so a leader of the world’s greatest democracy who plays footsie with Vladimir Putin and can’t bring himself to criticize. after himself to acknowledge, even though the the FBI operative made it clear that the Russians interfered in the American Legend. That worries me. That’S not peaceful coexistence, that’s something much more and I am frightened and I’m not the only one that many people who are committed to a lot of my life. Since I got to politics, working around the world on Democracy, promotion and working with people and countries who are trying to create the market is very difficult. You know we have, we are so lucky you don’t. I served at three levels of government in Canada and it was kind of like a school of how democracies work, which is perfect, but the Great the rule of law, and we expect that to apply to the people who govern us from a Canadian perspective. So you’re one of the few people in this country who knows what it’s like to be in the Prime Minister shoes? Now how I like to do that very difficult, and I think my observation is he’s handled it.. You know as well as I possibly could be big, but there is very difficult to deal with somebody who is erotic always an optimist, because it means I get little bit of sleep at night and I I do believe that there’s another way to look at this Way, first of all, Hillary Clinton did win the popular vote, which means that first of all, over 5 million Americans were prepared to cast their ballot for a Woman for president, even with all the stuff that have been said about her, even with all of the attacked. That’S very interesting wave, even though it took a long time for for the pundits to acknowledge a cuz. There was a vote count that took a while to establish that the Democrats Junior television club, which is a CBC TV, show 1957 Time with Bill. Maher interview. Alberta Slim in his elephant, and you know I like elephant elephant, cello, piano or guitar piano, because I can, but I play the piano better than I play the cello, a laugh, UVC or LSD. Well, this may sound strange. I think Vancouver Vancouver girl still have me. Webbed toes I love Paris to but Vancouver is home and I really feel kinship they’re well. Thank you very much for another video thanks for watching
Former Progressive-Conservative prime minister Kim Campbell says that the Conservatives’ climate change strategy falls short. She called the plan ‘a sop’ because it has no targets.
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