Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz mulls presidential run

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz mulls presidential run
Will it run former Starbucks, CEO Howard Schultz, confirming that he is seriously considering an independent bid for president in 2020 called about that everyone thought if you ran it would be as a Democrat here he is over the years. Answering that question sorting all the way back. In 2011, are we going to possibly see you go to Washington and try to change always in Washington? Work have said many times, but I think I can do much more from the platform I have as the head of Starbucks. I would never say never, but this is not the right. Time is 20/20 out of the question for you, Howard Schultz is, as concerned an American citizen, as I ever have been. I want to be, as involved I possibly can as a citizen to help the country. I don’t know what that’s going to mean in the future to run for president, I should know on Twitter yesterday, Jen that will be hosted by our colleague, Jake Tapper. Joining us now from the site of the Town Hall, CNN, say Preston in studio at was now John avlon it.. Forgive me for accusing the president of being transparent with his tweets of times, but when he says Howard Schultz doesn’t have the guts to Ron. Is he Darien, because he would like the prospect of a third-party candidacy to split the opposition to him behind a freaking out today about Howard Schultz traveling? This is that, if he were to what the anti Trump vote, that’s a conceivable pass up the middle for Donald Trump. That’S what made Paul LePage did. For example, repolarizing guy won a second term cuz, an independent candidate in came in that’s it has a constituency and it have a constituency. This country there are more Independence, self-identified the Democrats or Republicans there more moderate than liberals or conservatives. 63 % of Americans say it’s time for third-party and there are 10 states where registered independent Harry enten sedentary short time ago, that the lot of those Independence were actually Democrats right in the polling is that is that? Do you think that’s a mistake to tend to fall into camp, but there is also a Beltway mentality that tries to minimize the fact that Independence have been. The two-party have been flatlined getting more polarized to you and you can result as well as one of the answers that they gave last night to 60 Minutes, that that makes a lot of Democrats and Democrats running really listen to this on Healthcare. Every American deserves the right to have access to Quality Health Care, but what the Democrats are proposing is something that is as false as a wall, and that is free healthcare for all which the country cannot afford very far left. But the question is America ready for another billionaire businessman, president granted, he ran a publicly traded company with financials that were clear to the public very different than the Trump organization yeah. Exactly it will. Let you know clearly: there is a constituency out there for Howard Schultz and that’s why you see so many Democrats very upset about this. The Washington state democratic party at weeding a Starbucks coffee cup. You know saying: don’t do it Howard and obviously there was a huge blow back on Twitter yesterday. There you also talking to Democrats, I mean, I think a lot of Voters are saying that they have an call field of choices at this point there. So many people jumping to the race I was with Harris yesterday at her launch in Oakland, and the crowds were going way back deep into the streets. So there’s a lot of excitement about this. You know this debate of ideas that the Democrats are going to have, and so I think you will see them continuing to try to discourage him from running, not to mention the fact that I know he says he has valid access nail down, but that is going To be a huge Endeavor for him, get on the ballot in all of these states and counties around the country. I’M in a lot of Democrats just see that is as burning money, basically coffee in 2012, which was it a great cycle, but he can take some comfort from that and Michael Bloomberg. Another billionaire running for president and he’s running as a Democrat this time we’re thinking about it because he concluded the independent path with more likely to end up either boiler or couldn’t get through the House of Representatives and obviously shultz’s come to different conclusions. So why is any running for the Washington Democratic party at his home state said very clearly. The Champions party said this is about him not about the party and that’s is choosing an independent path that the first thing for him, but a path for going for his argument, and I asked him he thinks our engagement Revenge politics. He just looked at what happened over the shutdown, so I wonder if his calculation has really dramatically changed to say. Look the only path for me that I see that I can live with is an independent path. Right now, babe will poppy talking to sources close to him over the past year, or so he has been investigating this independent candidacy for a long time whether it was possible to get on the ballot in all of the states how much it would cost it while It is true that he does think that the Democrats idea far too expensive and he clearly sees this as his Lane and it’s something that has been thinking about for a long time, even though everyone expected that he would jump into the Democratic side. It’S really interesting. Will watch John avlon? Thank you you’re there, because the town hall
Howard Schultz, former CEO of Starbucks, says he is mulling an independent run for president in 2020.

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