Former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe dies at 95

Former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe dies at 95
Former Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe dies at 95
International store in Breaking overnight the death of Robert Mugabe made a controversial former leader of Zimbabwe died in Singapore at the age of 95. He had been there to receive Medical Care, modern-day Zimbabwe Rule and steering the country’s independence from Britain. He was President for 30 years. The Liberation hero, though transforming into an oppressive dictator who led his country ruin a military coup in late 2017, eventually hosted him from Office. Cameron McIntosh is in London with more on the story of Robert Mugabe and what people are saying about him. Today, yeah there were seeing reaction coming around the world and you know, has he mentioned, he’s a hero to some of murdering dictator to others, and what’s remarkable about this, is that Robert moved by a lot of people who see both lights, so Ave, LEDs and Bob Way to Independence in 1980, from Britain heroes from a guerrilla leader to basically the father of a Nation, he was seen as a great hope for Africa at the time talking about Haitian and peace, but through his reins turn to violence and corruption in the early 80s Or is an Insurgency in Zimbabwe? 20,000 civilians were killed during the urgency as it was crushed. He boasts about having a degree in violence in clash with the West, blaming a lot of Zimbabwe’s problems on economic sanctions that were imposed by Great Britain and the United States, and also drove the country into crushing Parvati. All of these aspects of all intersect through Robert Mugabe and today he’s being Remembered in Zimbabwe and across Africa. Here’S what people have to say about them: Alyssa Griffith, the dictator 2, address years in power, Heather coming onto the scene as a symbol of Hope, revered and in the end reviled. Take a note, a power by his own military. Well, a day like today is usually a day of diplomacy and a day of platitudes, and that’s what we’re seeing across the world to China is praising that Robert Mugabe today for his contributions to Africa, African leaders are all holding a pop as a symbol of Independence. In Africa a hero in Africa, there is acknowledgment of the atrocities that did happen under Robert mugabe’s rule. We haven’t seen reaction from Britain or the United States, yet, as I’ve mentioned through his tenure through his Reign, he spent a lot of time criticizing a Wesson blaming Zimbabwe and Africa’s problems on the end of the colonial Legacy. So we haven’t seen official reactions from those governments yet, but we are, we are getting a lot of reaction from people that had dealt with Robert Mugabe, people that had lived in Zimbabwe a lot of it very mixed reaction, a lot of it very passionate. Thank you very much Cameron McIntosh in London,
Robert Mugabe, the longtime leader of Zimbabwe who was forced to resign in 2017 after a military takeover, has died at 95.

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