Fortnite players compete for $3.8 million in World Cup

Fortnite players compete for $3.8 million in World Cup
Fortnite players compete for $3.8 million in World Cup
Well, what you’re looking at right now is when the most popular video games in history fortnite has an estimated 125 million users worldwide and this weekend the best the bass while they are vying to become the champion player, the 2019 fortnite World Cup underway. Right now, at the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York, a three-day tournament that millions of Gamers try to qualify for, I do not have money prize money. That is, it is on the line, let’s bringing y’all to as of right. Now I have to talk about Friday. Cuz, it’s a game, but obviously quite serious and competition. This is something that’s just to give you a sense for this three-day. This three-day finals, really a 3.8 million dollars, okay and so just to give a little contact tennis champions each scored at Wimbledon this month. Now, the reason that is a fitting kind of comparison is because this is actually taking place in the New York tennis Stadium, where the US Open every summer again chance to catch up with one of the winners who happens to be Canadian Krueger, he’s known by his Gaming name as Elevate he finished. Third, in the duo competition Sue Krueger was born in Calgary and while he was raised and lived lived in Indianapolis, he still compete under the Canadian flag, so he and his partner. They came in third place. He and his partner get a share of 1.8 million US dollars. Replace every single person who has made it to this level of competition will win thousands of dollars up with the 50,000 just getting to the stage wow getting ready for this kind of thing, because it is pretty intense how to listen. It’S a lot harder than people think it’s kind of like a 9 to 9 to 5 job. I wake up every day and I immediately warm up and then play scrims against other professionals until super late at night and then I’ll watch it show and go to bed in repeat that, every single day, if my child made half of 1.8 million dollars for it., Don’T forget your old father for many different reasons. It’S just absolutely. It’S part of popular culture, 8 years old was which created fortnite is pumped up more than 100 million. We are on another level now and Dollar Store just that weekend. So it’s it’s huge.
One hundred Fortnite players are duking it out in an esports World Cup for a chance at winning $3.8 million.

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