Fortnite World Cup kicks off in New York, millions at stake

Fortnite World Cup kicks off in New York, millions at stake
Fortnite World Cup kicks off in New York, millions at stake
They can barely shave, some aren’t even old enough to drive here in the world of for kids, don’t have to look up their Heroes. Indian wear tennis greats the Williams sisters, Rodger, Federer and Pete Sampras played, has been transformed as Gamers fight for the richest total prize pool in Esports history. More than 40 million dollars, Canadian try to qualify only 100 made the cut Canadian Hayden Krueger arrived in New York. Two weeks ago, playing 8 to 12 hours a day to prepare I’m going over, like what mistakes. We’Ve made new strategies applying nose into a games, salary and like sponsorships and Twitch streaming Revenue, because people would like to watch me play, and so it kind of just all adds up and it makes a good job free. But there are things you can buy, as parents left the dish o know all too well. Possibly I don’t want to think that it is, but I really don’t want to add it up, because I scare me Esports food. The new record for prize money will be set at an event next month, run center-court and Elevate. Wouldn’T have it any other way? It’S going to be insane to see really how people adapt and who really stepped up to the plate and who doesn’t Steven Souza BBC News New York have a 3.8 million dollar prize for first is stunning even compared to the more traditional Sports were used to watching On TV they also took top prizes 3.8 million at Wimbledon, so fortnite matches tennis and it beats golf when Tiger Woods won at the Masters this April he walked away with a poultry 2.7 million dollars.
The last player standing could earn a top prize of $3.8 million US — the biggest cash haul in esports history.

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