France’s Tarn gorges: Of myths and mountains

France’s Tarn gorges: Of myths and mountains
France’s Tarn gorges: Of myths and mountains
Europe’S longest and deepest canyon with Cliff’s plunging 600m in Parts. It’S a place, not recognized world heritage of humanity. Sites 40 million years ago, The Parting Sea Left Behind the layer of limestone has the Earth shifted, is limestone, formed the plateau concocted spot. That’S a rate of 2 centimeters per Century then came unkind in a whole host of Miss. It said that Santana me cured leprosy with the healing powers of the river. It’S that definitely gives the river these turquoise shoes when the water returns to its deep green color. The locals prefer to use these flat bottom boats to get around regardless of the water level service today, but before it was provided by people living along the river fishing or collecting vegetables play the most dangerous corner of this coach is nicknamed the badges to see no Worries this is spectacular and never ending battle between the river and the ropes. That’S just one right here and it runs along the right Bank of the river, but it’s yet to reach the other Shore, which is well inhabited, wait to cross his bike boats. You can sit over that Smule cable car, and this is why we live. Christmas is a hamlet of just knowing houses that clings to the Mountainside some 1,200 m above sea level. I’Ll show you the first of quinoa without the top a few years ago and worked in advertising. He gave up everything in the big city, ecological and minimalist lifestyle we have. When is Timothy in 50 Cent, it’s a beautiful experimental site and it’s the craziness different projects. Like an island floating in the sky, the community lives here in peace away from the rest of the world, we’re making a list of vegetable curly with Corvettes, onion and carrots and as a salad with loads of stuff in it, but the global Justice movement. I just want to tell you to really saved because it was made with love like everything I think today. These grandiose Landscapes ring-fenced is one of France’s great natural sites.
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In southern France, we discover the Tarn gorges – Europe’s longest and deepest canyon with cliffs plunging 600 metres in parts. The area is home to a whole host of myths, such as the village of Sainte-Enimie, named after a princess. Legend has it that Sainte-Enimie cured leprosy with the healing powers of the river. Meanwhile, perched at the top of the mountains, we meet a group of friends living in a community: away from the rest of the world, in an idyllic location.

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