France’s ‘Yellow Vests’ Protests: Understanding the Collective Rage | Dispatches

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France’s ‘Yellow Vests’ Protests: Understanding the Collective Rage | Dispatches
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France’s ‘Yellow Vests’ Protests: Understanding the Collective Rage | Dispatches
World’S oldest democracy protesters from every corner of the country for the fourth weekend in a row we witnessed the unrest transform the city. Did you leave John or yellow vest movement started last month when Working Class People from the countryside? What’S up in response to a fuel tax increase president Emmanuel macron announced to repeal the tax, but it’s too late. The protests have already morphed into Rebellion now taking aim at him.. Most of the people we met yesterday came and peace. Why? Because this is for justice, some protesters, torching cars, washing windows, at least 2,000 – were arrested Nationwide on the morning of the protest. Paris felt like it was on lockdown monuments, shops at least eight thousand police and security officers were deployed different groups of protesters. We met some of those who join more recently, environmentalist and Union organizers, but leaderless and without cleared man. It’S not certain. You should be listening to and negotiating with co-opted by more extreme rioters, police, confronted them with tear gas and stun grenades, shared anger. The protests that anger, Willie, France and how all this will end is uncertain.
Shuttered shops, burning cars and tear gas. We were on the ground in Paris with the “Yellow Vests” protesters as they took to the streets for the fourth week in a row.

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