Freddie Kitchens’ comment was a ‘rookie coach mistake’ – Max Kellerman | First Take

Freddie Kitchens’ comment was a ‘rookie coach mistake’ – Max Kellerman | First Take
Freddie Kitchens’ comment was a ‘rookie coach mistake’ – Max Kellerman | First Take
You heard Freddie kitchens all fired up. Things got messy last season. What do you make of those that he’s going to fire anybody at the leaking stuff to the press? The sentiment, but I think that’s a weak move because can act that out but show don’t tell why? Are you telling that to the media that should be handled internally? If your head football coach, rookie coach, mistake mistake but you’re sending a message that you’re going to fire everyone, don’t pop your chest out. Like tough guy said it’s. What it’s really sends of the opposite message is, which is weakness. I think it the sentiment, I’m at the Frank what I see there, but the better way to handle that, in my view, is internally you don’t give to the media. It doesn’t make sense to me: try to scare people into submission. The media Mike Tomlin, who seems to me to be the kind of guy, would motivate players differently and everything. But but I do see it like wood Belichick. Could you ever imagine Belichick coming out and saying that it’s hard to imagine you come at me on Twitter right in and say I know you and I do have your number, I’m probably just going to answer you on Twitter because that’s the Forum in which it Was presented to me, oh you’re, going to be because this business is the form you chose to use when you’re dealing with this in the media. Right, that’s the way you were approached to bother. You are opposed to bother because an anonymous source or B some of the sources, because Bob left left the team last year and now he wants to go through the media, so he’s kind of addressing it on the same form. It was brought to him and now I’ve had many times. Why would hear her coach go out and say something to the media? It talked about behind closed doors that was brought to us in the meeting room that was brought to US during personal conversations and sometimes doing those conversations, they would say, hey look, I know we talked about this now, but I’m going to dress it to the team. Going to dress it to the media, maybe not so using your name, but just so the message is sent the other part about Freddie kitchens and all these other coaches in the world like we’re. We’Re sitting here with always saying Bill: Belichick wouldn’t do that and Bill Belichick wouldn’t do this Bill. Belichick has always been that dude right. It’S not like. He became a famous coach and then he got real. It’S not like. He became a famous coach and then he wanted to micromanage everything. It’S okay, you don’t change those things when you finally get to the place that you’re supposed to be Freddie kitchens. From the time we heard him speak as a Cleveland Brown coach, not necessarily the head coach. This is the dude he’s been and that’s why he’s likable, because he feels obligated to answer questions. So that’s more interesting. We can talk about it, but he doesn’t have to answer every question can’t control that, like there might still be leaking. So what happens if and when is out of his locker room from a staff member that he doesn’t like, or that he feels should have stayed behind closed doors? Now you put yourself in the position where we want to see their stuff, that leaks from teams, and No One Ever Knows who did it were they don’t have enough evidence to really follow through? The point is incentivizing anonymous, leaks, necessarily know if he’s incentivizing anonymously, because this isn’t about his players right. This isn’t about his team. This is about staff member. This is about people who now opportunity to interview you get an opportunity to hire and you expect some sort of loyalty from those people in your building and for Freddie kitchens. This is the thing that got under his skin and being in that building. I’Ve seen the way that he deals with players he’s. Definitely a player’s coach he’s a guy that in changes with them, he has a personality that allows them to feel like they can talk to him allows them to feel like they can have conversations and that’s a good thing, but he doesn’t want the backstabbing. He doesn’t want the Hue Jackson type of stuff, I’m going on a circus atmosphere because it’s kind of loose like it’s coming, undone and stuff. Do you think that the way you get it under control or do you think that could even lead to a greater? I was rarely censored right whether it was talking about the NFL dealing with the referees or anything that was going on, and we went to two Super Bowls in 3 years right. He allowed people to be themselves into the CBA negotiations. Are we wearing a situation where all of our players are being fined constantly right? James Harrison me and calls me and says they are see you got to stop like right now, he’s like right now we aren’t like we are winning. It wasn’t because he was scared to send the message through the media for what it was, because he knew he could talk. Four more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN, Plus
Max Kellerman calls Cleveland Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens’ comment on firing anyone who leaks information a weak move because he should handle that internally and not with the media.

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