Freeland talked about detained Canadians with Chinese counterpart | Power & Politics

Freeland talked about detained Canadians with Chinese counterpart | Power & Politics
Freeland talked about detained Canadians with Chinese counterpart | Power & Politics
Foreign affairs minister, Krista Freeland, met her Chinese counterpart in Bangkok. Today, it’s the first time the two have spoken since Canada. Hurricane Michael, has a Frank exchange of views and the two are committed to speaking further next. Charles Burton is a senior fellow at The macdonald-laurier Institute and Christopher face-to-face with her China. Chinese counterpart is this a sign that there is some progress here counterpart in the situation over the past seven months where she hasn’t. So you know one hopes that this is a sign that the Chinese government is seeing, that their policy of Hostage diplomacy was Michael kovarik and Michael later is not leading to any progress in releasing. I getting my wind chill back to Beijing and therefore it’s time to try and see if they can recover Canada, China, relations in a way that serves Chinese interest and there’s. Another issue which is not a country, has an ambassador in place than the others Capital you since resigned at the end of January. We haven’t been able to get any new Ambassador in Beijing to further our interests are, and then they, the Chinese government, promoted the Canadian embassy at their Ambassador in Canada, Lucia to ambassador to Paris, and so they don’t have anyone in Ottowa, and I would think that The Chinese would like to have an ambassador in Ottawa to present their interests and, of course, we would have demand that they accept a candidate that will be proposing to be our ambassador in Beijing. I’Ve been told that you know previously Christopher a Chinese counterpart couldn’t get a phone call, couldn’t get a meeting, even though they happened to be at this same thing. What has changed since December that now the Chinese are willing to meet with her through Canadians that they regard as sympathetic to their interests so and always heard suggestions? Prime minister Mulroney? That’S a former prime minister, Croatia and Andre demaray the power Corporation and has it on her head of the Canada, China, Business Council go and negotiate on Canada’s behalf and that hasn’t got anywhere. And then we’ve also had statements by former Ambassador McCallum suggesting the Canada should either. You know have a political intervention in the judicial process of Miss mugs to the extradition hearing, to get her back to Beijing sooner or suggesting that we pressure the Americans to drop the charges against her and that has been haven’t gone anywhere either. So I think the Chinese government may be realizing that they really have to deal with are hard Minister. If they want to make any progress. This file NSA relations with the United States, continued to deteriorate with the trade War. I think there’s more and more interest in Beijing and trying to bring the Canadian relationship back on track as a way to in some way counter. What’S going on. in the US and China today is look for publicly in terms for a terms of a sign that the meeting between Freeland in and when he went well, because if we hear that the Chinese government is going to bring them to to some sort Of trial, that would be positive because in the past, with other cases of foreigners who been held in China on these sort of spurious grounds, including our own Kevin Garrett, once they brought it out the trial, then they decided to deport, see the Foreigner back to their Own country, so I think we really have to look for any kind of action on this matter, and I suspect that anything we see will be a positive indication that the Chinese Mike wants to work to get back into trying to recover the canada-china relationship, which, of Course is present is not functioning for them in any way in terms of enhanced trade relations or the other issues that they want to pursue with us in terms of a change with the situation involving Michael Coburg or Michaels fabric. Is that realistically, something that Canadians could see soon, so the Chinese government engage in any kind of judicial proceeding against them? That will be anything less than the show trial, because you know they’re not guilty of these serious charges that has been alleged against them. According to addressing the Canada knows – and I think, there’s also the question trade, you know where the Banning of the import of Canadian canola seeds and of all Canadian Meats have been done on Saturday spurious grounds, with no scientific basis whatsoever, in flagrant violation of commitments. The WTO, so these are all things that could could be change rapidly because there’s no basis for the Chinese government to continue with them, because the Canada’s is not at fault in any of this, even though it’s Guangzhou is, is currently in custody right now in Beijing. Over the past few, since this started back in December, seem to particularly has gone out of its way to avoid escalating these tension. If there’s no short-term Improvement in the Canada, China relationship consider retaliation of its own after so many months. If this meeting between mystery London and Mr Wong is not an indication of something has changed, you know possibly with a view to the Chinese, preferring the Liberals in power than the conservative party in the next election is. As the conservatives to set a reset was. China is a major part of their party program plant for foreign affairs that we could see some some progress if we don’t see any progress, and I think that gas Canada it’s time for Canada to start to to do something on our own and one of the Issues this the fentanyl issue that China has not been collaborating with us on, despite us getting them some ate a few years ago to encourage and patience. So I think we have good businesses to start inspecting all Chinese shipments into Canada for the fentanyl, which would put the Chinese products coming into our country at a comparative disadvantage and provide some economic leverage in this matter. So you know that something could legitimately do I’m their number of other areas in which we could be clamping down on the mainland, Chinese money laundering and and real estate Acquisitions, with funds of doubtful prob connected to the senior levels of the regime. We have laws in place for those things we haven’t. We haven’t been pursuing these matters to the extent that I think we could and then we should also Crackdown on agents of the Chinese State operating in I’ve been harassing Canadians of Chinese origin for some years now and so far our government has not seen fit to To declare any Chinese diplomats persona non grata or pursue any of these other agents, so you know why we can’t retaliate China’s retaliate against us by violating our commitment. We are not happy with how they’re proceeding in it if they a smoother canada-china relationship, that is in their interest, that they should start complying with the international norms. And you know, Miss muns case is got to be handled in accordance with Canadian law, and you know once the process is over either be sent to the Ice Age where she will face a new process or she’ll be returned to Beijing, because we found through a Due process of law that she’s not eligible for extradition today, good to speak with you, Katy News Channel or click the link for another video thanks for watching
Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says she raised the issue of the two detained Canadians in China during a meeting with her Chinese counterpart this week, the first time since diplomatic tensions between the two countries plunged into an impasse.
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