Fresh tip leads RCMP to York Landing, Man., in search of 2 B.C. homicide suspects

Fresh tip leads RCMP to York Landing, Man., in search of 2 B.C. homicide suspects
Fresh tip leads RCMP to York Landing, Man., in search of 2 B.C. homicide suspects
Good morning., How are concentrating their search for urgently is video in this morning from art, CBC News team in York, garbage dump that siding hasn’t been confirmed yet by police. But we have a new brief statement from Manitoba. Rcmp chelation is on RCMP resources, Gillum, where the Manhunt had been sent her through the weekend in the summer. Angela Johnston has the latest. In the moment we landed on the ground. We began to get a sense of the police presence that is now here. There was a drone in the sky and the cheapest hold us that a K-9 unit and a helicopter have also been working in the area. We spotted some officers on the ground, but what really strikes he’s? How quiet the roads are there Community patrols, but no one is outside people have been ordered to stay indoors yeah. I was just going to ask how people are feeling here ya very concerned, very, very on edge and scared. Obviously, it’s like looking at thumb, editing clicking at first. It was kind of like it took a few moments to like we got on the road and we made that decision feel like we both seen the same thing, and so we better go, take a look and then 5 minutes after that, it’s like these are the. Could be possibly the suspects from PC very unusual to him now it’s worth pointing out the Chiefs as the land around here is treacherous, and if this sighting was confirmed, he says it would be a miracle that the to survive the journey. Angela Johnston, CBC News York, Megan Roberts is also tracking the story for us Megan. What more do we know about the investigation right now trying to search that area, trying to go through that thick bush to see if these two people that were spotted are, in fact the suspect? You can see the forces on the ground where you can see the cars on the road. There are drones, there are helicopters, the police brought their dogs to try to sniff out any clues any suspects, so the RCMP have been Patrol all night into the morning. There were 16 that arrived last night, another 20 officers arriving this morning in this small community of only 500 people. So you can imagine what it’s like there for people singing these heavily-armed RCMP officers going through their Town checking. How is his checking buildings doing everything they can to confirm this sighting? If those were these two suspects, how does not confirmed at another important point to make, as there were some rumors flying around last night, that there may have been an apprehension of a suspect? They are not true. The RCMP very clearly stated that they have not yet anyone into custody. So that’s an important point to clear up in this right now from the community stay in your homes, police dogs, really people to stay out of the way for now for their own safety. Take a listen to the chief of York Landing describing What It’s Like on the ground there right now. Did you have a drone that they also using for search it’s very shocking and concerning to to know that these two gentlemen are possibly here. You know where my remote community of everybody on that you never anticipate or anything like this happening or them coming this way, and you know what to know that they’re, possibly certainly is concern on the ground right now, many community members on edge and no sign of Slowing down the police just said they will be throwing all their resources into this potential sightings throughout the day in York, Landing Deborah. Thank you very much Megan now, as we heard earlier, that possible sighting of the fugitives in York, Landing was made by the bear. Clan Patrol control arm is Ambassador substantially in remote indigenous communities during The Manhunt. My pleasure, at the request, requested by Grant on Friday, and we were asked to go up and support these communities because they are not service, make everybody feel more comfortable. It was just lucky that we were in the right place at the right time. They’Re. Obviously yes well, leave. We went, we had four of our members went to Fox Lake at three of our members. What’S your plan D York Landing is harder to get you at that’s why we had four people in Fox Lake but 4450. All right tell us what you saw then at 4:15, your members, what they saw and – and what happened after that it’s such a large area to cover that they were doing the circuit. I guess they were near the garbage dump, but that’s what they came across. Two Bandits eat before working for food at the dump call Darcy. wearing the clothing that they were allegedly wearing. And can you describe exactly what I jigsaw clothing that was not reported in the area to get the posted, since we had a pretty good indicator that we’re being sought after and sold and the two guys just took off when they saw that they had been see. They both across the road spring from residents about, what’s going on, pray that these guys could be heroes, still liquor you’re out. So it’s their situation to be in, and I just hope the it must be very, very stressful for them there. There was a group that was in Fox Lake travel to Gilliam to catch the same plane to come back to Winnipeg and instead of running back for the fact they had their plane turn around and take them all early. And what are your members going to be doing next? It’S all going in and everybody’s been working really hard to try to try to have this come to a peaceful resolution Ali – and I hope for your sake as well as the residents that it ends soon thanks. So much for joining us today,
RCMP are responding to a tip that two men fitting the descriptions of Bryer Schmegelsky and Kam McLeod were spotted in the remote community of York Landing, Man. The two are wanted in connection with three homicides earlier this month in Northern British Columbia.

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