From Oct 7, 2010: ‘Big Bang Theory’ stars on Canada AM

From Oct 7, 2010: ‘Big Bang Theory’ stars on Canada AM
From Oct 7, 2010: ‘Big Bang Theory’ stars on Canada AM
You all for coming and congratulations on new season and the speaker bite of a bagel just before like walking into some very sorry. The world wants to know who is head from now on physicist on television is the is the lines you have to deliver with such convincing Authority that aren’t short, convection memorization know what the word means you do have to every ask. How do you pronounce something again and again? What was the Wynwood you Improv? I don’t know what I’m talking about., You know what I mean. We don’t get paid this week, because it’s so you’re welcome. Play roles. Give me the last names printed on them, what it meant.. We read your FedEx commercial on the show earlier today, when is 1 days late, how you came up with your laugh, Sheldon’s laugh. I really don’t I mean honestly. I would have just looked at them like they not want to remember, but I will remember, but did you have a feeling like this? This is going to work. This is really really funny and you don’t have some great name. Essence. Anais Anais welcome and thank you guys for having us play rabbit in the series Ben. You were also in Walk Hard. The Dewey Cox Story,
Archive: Super genius actors Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, and Kunal Nayyar speak to Canada AM and a live audience about Canada’s number one comedy.

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