From slavery to Windrush: My family’s story (Full Documentary) BBC News

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From slavery to Windrush: My family’s story (Full Documentary) BBC News
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this is Jamaica where my family is from I love my Caribbean Heritage but I was born and raised in Britain in my blood so when this happened with every day of national the windows generation will get help I didn’t see it is a systemic issue it left me questioning everything different members of my family were among those who rebuilt the mother country on the journey some people lost more than they gained oh my God this is what they’re talking about that’s my father again deep down that he was white there’s a lot more to the story a connection to Britain began quality of the transatlantic slave trade my great-great-grandmother Helen was a lost person in my family to be born as a slave when my mom was little girl in Jamaica she helped look after her she was a hundred and and when she died and Dom she was born in slavery and and she was a child in slavery I know she told me that she used to pick Peas I used to ask so many questions like what did you do when did you go to school when she didn’t really want to get what she had to offer from her experiencing inflammatory I thought about was you can’t you come and take that away from anyone can you I have a big colorful Caribbean family my father was one of eight children this is the house in London where they grew out it’s only time together one of my sisters Gene went to study in Jamaica in the 1960s when she wanted to return to London I told her that she had no lost her right to live in the UK you expected her to come back obviously you know when she went to apply to come back they saying that she can’t come back because she’s not British possible the separation of when was families it’s been going on for decades through that parents have done you know over the life living in this country contributing to this Society it’s not fair for her to be there and siblings are hair and she’s not able to to be here with us when I watch the coverage of the win-loss Scandal it almost felt like just some country that we migrated to visit lot more to the story I feel like that story has to be told Jamaica has such a strong identity it’s hard to imagine this was one British first of on this journey my dad’s family home in Kingston people to go around and collect cool things by what’s inside when I started school around here that was probably I don’t think they were five Blockheads probably less than that I will call you back Well normally what would happen Union County it until you get closer I said people hurting abused it’s difficult to her but this was part of the winning experience the colors of my house couldn’t come back to the UK passports send watching wasn’t allowed to come back into the UK when had that had a British passport was Thursday cuz when people ask you did he have citizenship in Jamaica but she had nightlife in the UK 2 that’s not daleview Road when Chima separated from the family I know my dad took it really hard so when she decided to get married he was so excited to be going to her wedding come back and when they came back crazy they didn’t come back with your father it was really sad and it was a really a shock I something I can never forget that died unexpectedly soon after he arrived in Jamaica she never got to see him again that was the first time that we saw you was in there was that the first time we met in because they were smaller in English that’s his first then you’d remember makes the windmill scandals so hurtful for families like mine why do they make the journey a tool I’m going to see my mom’s Uncle he was one of the first people in my family to go to the UK do you know the Edmonton Cricket grown to pay Cricket. Did Montana become a member of the Edmonton Cricket at 14 years there was one other guy so it was only two of us blacks. Britain was in shambles and if you have 17 countries in the Caribbean financially I’ll probably worse off because jobs they don’t have just come and says this drops to be underground if the mother nation is in trouble mother nation be in the UK reborn tenacion how mother country was England I find it odd that seen as the mother country given the part I played in the transatlantic slave trade take me to see my great-great-grandmother Helen’s grave she was a child in slavery slavery in Queen Anne McInnis Jamaican name I feel proud that she made it through like upset that she have to go through that no have I wasn’t too kind of fee having hug her just what she achieved she birth to family and have I am now because of her it’s just amazing I can be who I am and do what I do because she survived and she made it through Helens tools who was could Queen and chateau cause of queenie’s fair-skinned in contrast to her mom Helen’s dog complexion the family of always suspected that we need father was white for the first time I feel I’m ready to find out more it’s my last day in Jamaica I decided to go to the bath and test registry in Spanish Town to see if I can find out more about my mother’s great-grandmother Helen and her daughter Queenie that really wasn’t at 10 I didn’t even think I would find queen or Helen and like I found so much more questions not quite sure how I feel about 10 minutes I’m heading back to the UK my mom was cleaning his favorite granddaughter and now I’m going to tell her what I found out about Queenie sad so you visited the queen is two men and Clyde from my memory she was quite dog she was darker than I was and was really striking features this tracking that features which my grandmother witch Queen it doesn’t didn’t have so yeah that last one I meant she was mixed with ice cream with mixed eyes we actually did find this who died Jamaica was my great-great-grandfather queenie’s dad but what I wasn’t prepared for was what I found out about his grandfather he was also cool Georgia talk was a matching gym in the slave trade and he owned slaves so he will travel between Jamaica and the UK and he was based in Somerset my ancestry comes full circle back to the UK the wind wash is not just about politics it’s not just about immigration Jamaican the UK are bound together by Blood we are two branches of the same family tree the Marquee kejam wcti12 slave trade I didn’t come over in the winning last generation but those Journeys that in me that part of me and my experience as a black British person it’s always go come back to that just how the two countries are connected it’s not just my history it’s over history and it’s a history that we need to talk more about believe me I am speaking broad-minded Lee I am glad to know my mother country this is the place for me
The BBC’s Amanda Kirton journeys from Britain to Jamaica and uncovers not only her family’s hidden past but the dark history of the two islands. She discovers why the Windrush scandal was about more than the politics of immigration.

***This video contains language some viewers may find offensive***

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