From stockbroker to bike saviour

From stockbroker to bike saviour
From stockbroker to bike saviour
Bawnjorno this program, there’s all these broken bites that Joel comes and he brings in and he picks his and he fears. And then you said Joe he’s a great guy. He looks like Indiana Jones Works, heartless he’s managing his own bike shop. At the same time, she’s very very busy he’s got a big heart: the bylaw in Lawndale, the last $ 6,000 in fines. I I did time at the mission 200 hours and 150 hours to go before the other $ 4,000 paid, so I did ours. So in love with the place of 103 vintage this year, restore it from the scrapyard most of them maybe can came from Mom and Dad chilling up looking at sours Junior Trader, I my first three years were the equities in 1987-89 and then they opened up the Bond teachers tenure contract for the chainsaw guy in last 16 years, special about the store community peace officer who won last week suffered a heart attack. But you see him he’s walking around like nothing happened, Philip, who lives right next door to Joe Steven who’s. The former employee of His Radio playing to going in the back and it’s ours are on the door from 10 till 7. Most of the time I added to talk about
A former stockbroker started fixing bikes at his local mission to work off city fines. Joey Vine has kept that up and is also repairing bikes at his antique shop, which has become a gathering place in Longueuil, Que.

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