Full Cohen: Upcoming Judiciary Committee Vote Will Formalize Impeachment Inquiry | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Full Cohen: Upcoming Judiciary Committee Vote Will Formalize Impeachment Inquiry | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Full Cohen: Upcoming Judiciary Committee Vote Will Formalize Impeachment Inquiry | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Welcome back on another escalation from house Democrats on the subject of impeachment today the house Judiciary Committee laying out the parameters for what it calls quote. An ongoing impeachment investigation of President Trump vote is expect Thursday on those parameters, the details which are less important than what they signify. The first effort that acknowledges interest that the Judiciary Committee is considering impeachment with me now is a member of that committee to house Judiciary, Committee, Steve Cohen, Tennessee Congressman thank you for joining us. I want to get to all of this.. I do want to just start on what we were talking about in the last segment. I I think, you’re familiar in an up-to-date on this okay, clearly you’re indicating you are new reporting from The New York Times. Last Friday, the Commerce Secretary, Wilbur and Wilbur Ross Department of court has jurisdiction over Noah, call the agency’s acting administrator and said that if the Birmingham office tweet was not contradicted publicly, there would be what’s your reaction to that it just more Insanity. You know the Sharpie thing is amazing, Steve when they ask him in his press conference about who did it, and he gave the same look that he had when he was on the airplane and said he didn’t know anything about read Angels by checks. It was that same, don’t win the headlights. Look up I’ll have no idea who did it. He never did say that, but I’m going to find out who did it has much to find out? Who did that Sharpie thing is OJ Simpson’s done to find out? Let me turn to the subject to your of impeachment. We set up there in the introduction your committee is voting this week on. Is this an impeachment inquiry that you’re formalizing? What exactly will this week’s do? It was part of the subcommittee which is Constitution, civil liberties and civil rights go to the pardon power and that’s part of what we’ll be looking at. What are efforts to get testimony and documents that the Administration has obstructed the Congress from getting and they should comply and work with us Pentatonix.? The question after members are done, questioning that sequential follow-up question is so important and that we also give the present to process and we have certain parameters. We will go in camera for executive session on certain grand jury. Testimony Portugal give us cuz it’s necessary to conduct this hearing for the defense of the due process of Defense, really the rule of law and democracy, which is it steak. An article of impeachment is that, where this is heading, there will be a decision at some point on whether there will be an up-down both there could be the decision made by leadership that there shouldn’t even be a vote. The key is look after. They hear the information and see, if put Before Their Eyes, they haven’t, read the Mueller report. Some of them listen to Mueller, testify about the 10 possible obstruction of justice cases, five of which seem more secure and an incomplete than the other. Five at this point is Betty, would definitely 5 possibly 10 and the fact that they work with the Russians and over over a hundred fifty times. I think it was to try to get information and they sought information and welcomed information from the Russians interfering in our elections, which they were doing as mister Spokane is are doing now, and that information is there. It would come out and testimony for both physically and a house key from Dearborn. Hopefully, McGann they’ll tell the truth, and if they tell what they said to Mueller, the public will be convinced and should be, except for those who have just overdosed on the Kool-Aid that this president has committed. Several cases of obstruction of justice volume is hearing so we’ll have later in September, in golf courses Hotel every day at Trump Tower in another Trump properties taking money from Sally’s taking money from Chinese taking money from these are violations of the Constitution pause violations that were Tied up with impeachment on the founding fathers disgusted when this news comes out and other information, whether it’s Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal about the payoffs to get the presidency. You know Michael Cohen, in jail for 3 years, because he did with President Trump paid for President Trump has individual. Why? Every single day we’ve got a president who would be in jail with Michael Cohen for a felony, and he is in office and the only way he’ll avoid prosecution is, if he gets re-elected there may be a decision by leadership not to have a vote. Are you talking about the leadership of this committee? Are you talking about Democratic Leadership because there’s one redone what your committees doing Nancy Pelosi is publicly non-committal on impeachment, there’s reporting it privately she’s, told Democrats, the New York Times reported privately still Democrat. The public isn’t there yet and that your committee is essentially trying to force her hand and forth we’re trying to produce the evidence. That is a clear violation if we do such and the public turn over 60 %. When the hearings were concluded, is there a Smoking Gun, I think there’s an Arsenal Garrison. But yes, if we bring the public opinion up greater, I think the leadership will be can taking action in, but it depends on what we are Deuce through these hearings. What the public responses, but I can’t speak for all I know, is where I think we’re going, and I think that they’ve been taken, probably about 40 days before the end of the year. Do you have to get those that you’re saying you got to turn public opinion? Is that the deadline basically end of this year probably give or take I’m not sure if it is a certain deadline, but I would like to think we could go up till January 20th, 2020, at least of the third anniversary of the horse. This man becoming president Congressman, Steve Cohen member of the House Judiciary Committee. Thank you for taking a few minutes. Click on any of the videos to watch the latest interviews and highlights from MTP daily and MSNBC and get more beat the Press content every morning and the first week newsletter. If you’re tired of content that you don’t know anything about where it came from, you don’t have to have that problem with us. Nbc News, NBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube subscriber now,
Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn.) joins MTP Daily to discuss the upcoming vote by the Judiciary Committee on an impeachment probe.
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Full Cohen: Upcoming Judiciary Committee Vote Will Formalize Impeachment Inquiry | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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