Full Interview: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – BBC News

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Full Interview: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – BBC News
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Full Interview: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – BBC News
I will 5 minutes to thank you again for making time for us today really appreciate five, because the Democrats control the House of Representatives agreement has been very good for Canada, for the United States and from Mexico to have this stability. Have this predictability? The US exports more Goods to Canada every year than they do to China, to Japan and to the UK combined. We are there number one export Market in for most of their states and I’m very confident that Ted the benefit to workers to businesses are going to be at or going to carry the day that agreement when it finally did happen, of course, and that process was Incredibly difficult when she agrees so what happens in the end we didn’t in 13 months. I’D be, there is certainly an intensity and there was an intensity to the process, but one of the things throughout we heard from Governors members of Congress, Business Leaders in the United States just saying how important it was that they have this secured relationship with Canada. So we remain very confident that we’ve always got to go to in the USMC a if they were to sign a free trade agreement with a non-market economy that the deal is off to some extent and many people think this Canada is negotiating a free trade agreement With China, so what happens then, there’s been a lot of fun discussion around the fact is both the original NAFTA and this USMC 1/2 AA six-month exit trigger Clause that doesn’t even require you to give a reason if any of the partners wants to walk away from The deal at 6 months noticed they can for whatever reason. So the fact that that that we suggested that the trade deals with other countries could be one of those reasons actually changes. Nothing in the substance of the deal and we’re going to continue to to look for opportunities to grow our trade footprint around the world. I mean we pin incredibly successful over these past three years. We’Re now the only G7 country with a free trade deal with every other G7 country and that’s a significant achievement. Particular the time where the doubts people have trade-in incentive political circles are are creating a lot of fear and uncertainty. Canada is moving forward cuz. We know that trade is good and we know we can create benefits for all citizens to trade send to later. But how will that impact your ability to get a free trade agreement with China, with all those young four instances that something Canada still pushing for continue toy truck talks on a free-trade deal with that with us on our also moving forward on a free-trade deal with Two free trade deals with that: South America, the Pacific Alliance on the west coast of South America on the east coast of South America, at work, continuing to engage in trade all around the world, pursue a Canada style model of trade with the EU. And this is a course in reference to the broad range in agreement you have with the EU, so wouldn’t that be something great friend to the UK work-rate friend of the European Union, we’re happy to have a comprehensive free trade deal. That right now includes both the European Union and the UK after brexit. However, that looks weave already got agreements in place to ensure that the the deal with the European Union continues to exist. As a UK, Canada deal those those details are really fair for them to work out, but we just want to ensure continued smooth transitions both for Europe and for at for the UK, in terms of trade with Canada are approaches to lowering terrorist, creating opportunities for businesses. For workers is good for everyone and therefore I encourage people to it to embrace free trade and Brace trade ties that bring people closer. My mandate from Canadiens is really to diversify and strengthen trade with the world, and that’s that’s what we’re doing and I highly recommend it for all sorts of countries, because our our country now it’s just a few days ago. You can send that Canadian intelligence officials have heard the audio recording of the alleged murder the gymnast remote control. Can you tell us more about that? I’Ve been fully briefed by our intelligence officials, but we are engaged as our most of our allies in in this investigation. This is something we take very seriously and attack on the media and murder of a journalist is something that is absolutely unacceptable in in our modern society is, and we need to make sure that we’re getting the right answers from Saudi Arabia was, it described. Authorities have suggested that it was carried out with highest approvals of the sounding government. That’S exactly the question that we are working very carefully with our allies to answer and obviously Saudi Arabia, certain answers to Gavin, and we will make sure that we’re getting those answers. As you know, we have had relations over the past months because we, I came very strongly against the arrest of of the women’s rights activists that happened in August and and and the Saudis responded very, very strongly against tag. Canada’S continued and unequivocal standing up for human rights, which we will always continue, We inherited yes, an arms deal for armored vehicles with that with Saudi Arabia that we we are now reviewing the export permits related to not just because I couldn’t answer you not because I’m Chris from you because of the entire contacts, but this is something that we had were continuing to engagement. We are looking at a number different options: kind of doodle for Asylum to a Pakistani woman who has been freed. Acquisitive blasphemy in Pakistan, she’s been freed from Death Row as well, so it is Canada ready to offer her Asylum, religion and, and protection of Human Rights, is fundamental for Canada. We are very aware that this is a a an ongoing situation and other than being a saying that I’m a strong welcoming advocate of of of supporting human rights again not going to go into too many details cuz. This is really an ongoing situation. That is, that is not something I want to influence. You say, smuggling situation doesn’t what’s what’s the holdup domestic situation in Pakistan which we are, we are engaging with the allies and partners on trying to. I provide Solutions in in what is something. This is a concern. I guess that’s dude to guarantee her and her family safety safety of her and her family, wherever they might be or wherever they might go, is, is a tenement of debate raging at the moments between multilateralism and free trade vs. nationalistic populism. We know the latter is rising around the world and Austria, for instance, you very much represent the former so who’s winning. We have to write about the pace of change, exercise about transformation in our economies, anxious around the new waves of immigrants in the migrations around the world, anxious about their place in their future in their kids place in the future and their choices and politics you can Either amplify those pics of populism and division, or you can find a lay those fears with concrete, sometimes complex, reasonable solution. I’M very much I’ll be seeing the letter count, and I think that there is no question that gnome are what citizens you talk to around the world of which country, obviously Canada. An example of this would not the only one if you actually come to people with a thoughtful, reasonable, positive Vision. They will respond and that’s that Mida faith in human nature and my understanding that if you give people an opportunity to rise to meet the challenges, they always will looking at 15. But even election would be held tomorrow. The latest poll so that you might lose oil government might be handed a minority Victory, so accomplished Victory soup Grace time in 2015, when you guys did so well. There’S one thing: we’ve seen over over the past years in global politics of the campaign’s, really matter we’re almost 12 months away from the next election, others along off lot of work to do I’m going to continue to to State and focusing on Canadian. So we got elected on a promise to invest in the middle class to support people in the middle class and those working hard to join it. And we’ve done just that. We delivered on Kenneth a child benefits of mint, huge difference in lifting people out of poverty and giving opportunities and reassurance to people. We’Ve been investing in infrastructure weeping. Closing trade deals around the world. We have the lowest unemployment in 40 years, one of the fastest-growing economies in the GC last year and our debt-to-gdp ratio is, is the lowest lowest around. We are doing very well, but there’s always more to do and we’ve we focused on making sure that Canadians have a positive Vision that they’re going to be able to vote Barn in 12 months and I’m very much looking forward to that.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talking to the BBC’s Sharanjit Leyl on Talking Business Programme’ :
0:20 NAFTA
2:05 Free Trade Agreement with China
3:50 BREXIT-EU trade deal
5:33 Khashoggi Murder
6:33 Canada-Saudi relations
7:34 Asia Bibi
8:53 Nationalism and free trade
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