Full Interview: Prime Minister Theresa May – BBC News

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Full Interview: Prime Minister Theresa May – BBC News
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Full Interview: Prime Minister Theresa May – BBC News
In five days from now, MPS will vote on the brexit deal the boat. That will not only decide Britain’s future in Europe, but the future of the Prime Minister. It has already precipitated a constitutional crisis in Parliament. The reason I lost 3 import in a matter of hours on Tuesday and she will lose a game next Tuesday on the crucial vote. Also, the Parliamentary arithmetic tells us that is the vote on the deal that she spent the last couple of years negotiating with the EU the deal that spells out the terms of withdrawal from Europe and then what well with me good morning on Tuesday. But I read this morning that many of you all cabinet is that in the middle of five days of debate in Parliament, which will lead up to a vote on this issue. If I may join in your introduction that you said that what people are voting on is the way all withdrawal from the European Union negotiated for the UK, because this is what I want you to pick your point up: possibilities about the withdrawal from the European Union Or the other policies about our future and our future relationship with European Union it delivers on the referendum it delivers on sovereignty by enjoying the Court. Justice hasn’t doesn’t have jurisdiction in the UK anymore. It live it or not. Sending our sons of money to eat here. Every year and delivers on an end to free movement, but the reason you also questioned about Parliament is because of all concerns about Paul to that withdrew because they deal, which is, they could come to the backstop, and I recognize that there are those concerned. If I may Festival any deal any agreement, any Arrangement that we came with the European Union would involve a box talk to people talk about everything involves assault and, secondly, none of the other arrangements that people to put forward fully deliver on the referendum. This deal delivers on the referendum pick up on some of that go back to my original question. Is there any possibility? Have you even considered? Has it been recommended to you. You one way or the other play the vote happening next Tuesday evening at what we doing and John amazing colleagues on listening to colleagues concerns T2 people of Northern Ireland. It’S a guarantee about not having a horrible between Northern Ireland and recognized about the role of parliament UK in relation to a tissue facts about how I haven’t how we can look at Palm and having a role in the going into that. If you like, an unsafe coming out, can offer polymer know that you haven’t already offered them to satisfy them, because you don’t have the support in Parliament, as you very well know at the moment, to get it true, that’s what this debate and the vote is about. Parliament looking at this deal, some attempts to win the raw continuing. If you look at some of the proposals are being put forward in relation to amendments to the boat next week off the table, so certain possibilities three options here, as we go ahead, there’s three options: one is to leave. The European Union with a deal is a deal. Do you have made it clear? It’S me deal, but it’s not just the deal. It’S a good deal and it’s a deal that delivers. I’M absolutely clear that we have a duty to deliver on the boat of the biggest people in 2016, and that was a vote in the referendum to leave the EU. It’S going to change in the next few days, unable to sell it to Parliament, or at least two enough MP’s to carry it on Tuesday evening when it comes., Vogt and peas will be thinking of. As I say, there are three options available to people. One is the relief to you with a deal on. This is a good deal on the referendum, but we have no deal with some people who say well. Let’S take no deal off the table.. The only way to take no dude off the table is to have a deal into agreed. The deal on some of the Ross on. If you listen to debate the take place in Parliament, listen to many questions are being Austin. Parliament p.m. cues and made statements. The House of Commons on this issue, it’s clear that there are those in the House of Commons who want to frustrate brexit. I think I should be doing that. Many of you is that feasible the backs of his ninja coupons at the between separated out of any deal who is negotiated with the European Union and and that’s because we, we are committed SVU concerned for the point of view of the audience member of the EU. But we’re committed to delivering to the people of Northern Ireland that part of the UK. The problem is, you have not been able, and I’ve said this before interview. You have not been able to persuade enough of your colleagues in Parliament, in your own party and in the opposition, the DT’s the right deal. Therefore, it is highly likely many people believe put on Tuesday night. It will be voted down. Do you have any sort of Plan B if some people say when that happens? Actually, I think the question that question is not for me that question is for those who say that they want to oppose this bill. What are they worth? I want to oppose this deal because the options all that doesn’t Deal or No Deal on a brexit and I think you’re. My view is that it is our duty wehunt instructions to deliver on brexit, and I think I think the worst thing to happen from The public’s point of view is that we have all these arguments in Westminster. Today we had the referendum, but about the exact details of we leave and the risk is that we end up with no rec center tool that I’m clear that that should not happen. I’M clear that we must deliver on that boat, I’m clear that we will leave the European Union why people disagree with you, people like well, let me give you a few cuz. You feel too many times before Lord King. Talking about this being the result of incompetence of a high order, the worst of all worlds, Lord Howard, Michael Howard, former conservative leader himself, the epitome of loyalty to party leaders over the years. He said he voted leave to take back control, but the deal does the opposite of this and so on, and so on. You’Ve heard all of these points played over and over again, and it seems that you are listening listening, but if I met the this deal is in Tupac’s, it’s withdrawal agreement and it’s the future relationship with the EU. The result is that how we come out before is the European Union, the future relationship, the political decoration on the future relationship is about where we will be at the country in the future. What are relationship with him will be in the future when we left that, crucially, actually the points that you’ve just crazy. Me weep make absolutely clear that we take back off sovereignty. We will be in that future relationship attorney general Jeff peacocks setting affect as a result of the backstop. You will not be taking back that control. He hasn’t said that what he has said is a weeping clear from The Assault on this. There was no you not to write of pulling out a backstop. The backstop is something nobody wants to go into in the first place and we will be working to make sure that we don’t come into it. If we get to the point where it might be needed, we have a choice as to what we do, so we don’t even have to go into the Back store at that point. What what we’re talking about is something that is that to ensure all commitment to the people of Northern Ireland border between them and the people that they could. It means I can carry on living their lives as they do today. To conclude, such an agreement that agreement being we decide to leave, we count because the Lord will not allow us to leave. It really is that simple? This is not set up for the legal text for the future relationship. Did you have to have an agreement from the members of parliament on the specifically as part of the package on the back stop the ranch when they will not is a reality? Put aside, the legality of that is the reality. The Tempest be looking at they’ll, be looking at the future as well, and, yes, it’s being an ulcer. If you fail the question in a different wife, I mention Plan B you for that. Many people who said you: what is the plan B? You must have given a great deal of thought to what happens in the air if you cannot get your deal through Parliament as you, given a lot of thought to that and give us a clue what it might be, what the plan B might be is the Deal that we can go see it with the European Union which does deliver on the referendum, it doesn’t in a way that protects people’s jobs and protects on security for the future. You talked about the separate, actually is the whole HW. It will be voting on the Bridgewater payment, but as long as I thought, withdrawal agreement he’s a political declaration that set sound off future relationship with Europe because for most people, actually, I think the most people listening to this program. What is going to make a difference between ionized in the future is going to be what relationship we have? What pain should we have with you getting it for what we want a negotiated. The deal delivers is a partnership which is continuing a good friendly relationship with Europe, able to trade with them easily able to secure all security cooperation with them, but also enables us to do good trade deals around the rest of the world already signed, up. possible even Desirable, in those circumstances that there should be another referendum, I don’t think that should be enough. Another referendum and the reason is very simple: we gave people. The choice in a referendum is whether to leave the European Union and they gave us a very clear message. They wanted us to leave the European Union. I know you may have spent a lifetime in journalism, John Alston, people, the same question again and again hoping to get a different answer. Saying the Prime Minister. We think it’s best for this country atomic numbers of the people who won’t., Because I hope is going to be different on so I don’t think that’s right. We all speak with a question. They gave us. that deliver them, it’s actually about trying to frustrate brexit, and that’s why we all need to recognize. There are people in Parliament who are trying to frustrate brexit. This is the point in time when everybody should be thinking about the national interest. Interest is making sure that we leave. Your opinion is that we deliver on that vote when we leave should be nearly three years since the other to the referendum. The referendum people are divided between the Divas. Now is the time for this country to come back together. Again, now is the time for us to say: let’s Forge our future to go: let’s not create more division by going back for another referendum. I do really believe you can get that through Tuesday, because a lot of people say is. The prime minister has work very, very hard, the last couple of years. She believes in what she’s doing she’s being very, very persistent. Her problem is that she isn’t listening to any of the other arguments about your difficulties. Elements of the for the future that we have Associated was of great concern to people in the UK. When we went into the European economic community in the first place. How often should one have been being dealt with, like listen very carefully to the fishing industry took colleagues and members of parliament represent seats with real fishing interest about the importance of that and that’s why we have rigorously and robustly defended our fishing industry in the negotiations. That we’ve had and will continue to do so so we have been listening. I recognize the real concerned about the backstop, but I think the question that we need to ensure that the customer asking ourselves is options exit on. What I don’t want to see is a is a finding that parliament in some way frustrates brexit. We must deliver on that vote for the referendum night. Many people who say when has I repeat on Tuesday night Parliament says no to you. Parliament, including many very senior distinguished members of your own party, say no to you that it has to be a hard brexit. You won’t settle for another referendum, so it has to be debate about this vote. Yes, there’s lots of commentary about the boat, I’m listening, you’ve given them. Nothing in return is what they say. They say you just keep repeating the same man for that. What what I think, what we’re looking at is this question around the Box off of the role of Parliament. People’S concerns all, but they only backstop issue that the the EU will be able to step into his EU could hold us in it. How would it work in practice? That’S what I’m hot sheets north of Magic, the research or even Festival. We don’t intend to get to the point where we need to use it. If we I’m looking at the question of the role of Paul Choice and then what would happen that off to piss people too, concerned about how long we might we might be in compound that consists of what could MPS do now, that you’ve agreed the backs of The arrangement with your colleagues in in Brussels, and that’s not in that suit, that is part of the two eulogy you have presented the role of parliament in the backstop. What exactly do you mean by that? I just said I think, questions about how decisions are taken as to whether we go into the back. So it goes if we get to the point where we need to have an arrangement to to make sure we have Visconti with guaranteeing this commitment to the people of Northern Ireland, but there’s no heart border between North nada-nada. The point that would be necessary, if it happens, is with the future relationship with negotiating the legal tax legal text me after we left by the end of December 2020. We need this continued guarantee for people in Northern for an interim.. The question is: do we go into the backstop? Do they extend Works cycle implantation., so another words we we tried, so the possibility has to be taken at that point in time. I want what we negotiated the UK to choose which of those we want to go into now we have to. I want to extend the transition.. We have to agree with the European Union, but they’re all they’re, all these questions about how you go in and then how you, if you’re in the Back, store whether that continues well regulations, these issues with I’m exploring and I’m exploring in terms of the sovereignty of The UK, the role of Parliament and being able to have their say enough extended, but without limit while we continue to discuss the backstop, is that it could be extended. I didn’t say I didn’t say that you did because you said you were looking for Alternatives, because I wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing as an argument. Given the concern in Parliament. That is an argument for extending condition.. It will be a choice between if, if we get to that point to Joy spring, going to Pax open extending into the transition. Now there are pros and cons of boats on it that people don’t like people, have a concern that week that we could be Inogen. Definitely, but in the box. We have no Financial Obligations, we have no free movement, we have very light Level Playing Field rules with the EU and implementation.. We do have to negotiate with him, but they will be sounds about the fact that the woods they would require. I’M sure they would require some more money to be paid, for example, so that would be a different sign about the role of the UK and making these decisions and the old fears into him to the role of the UK’s route, to be Parliament. That makes these decisions Arrangements on the lake John. I hope to be back here more times before cuz I do come in Hill City, which is more than Jeremy. Corbyn does is doing other things with people, but you know it’s what we go today on the mental health report about the changes in technical education for young people, but I’m suggesting that you lost answer might be perhaps another. When will we be out of the European Union European Union on the 29th of May 2019, the point of the transition is to enable people and employers really have a smooth exit so that we don’t see disruption, two jobs and we minimize option from all that. Beginning of January 20-21, and that’s what I’m going to be working
Theresa May says she “is talking to colleagues” about their concerns over the Northern Ireland “backstop” ahead of a crucial vote on her EU deal.

She suggested MPs could be “given a role” in deciding whether to activate the backstop, which is designed to stop the return of a physical border.

But she told the BBC there could be no deal with the EU without it.
No 10 has said the Commons vote will go ahead on Tuesday, despite claims it could be delayed to avoid defeat.

And in another development, the European Court of Justice said it would deliver a ruling on Monday on whether the UK could unilaterally cancel Brexit by reversing Article 50 – the day before the MPs’ crunch vote.

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Mrs May told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme she had not given up on winning the vote on her Brexit deal – negotiated over the past 18 months or so – despite dozens of her own MPs and all opposition parties being against it.

She said she recognised concerns about the Northern Ireland border backstop keeping the UK tied to the EU indefinitely.

And she conceded the UK would have “no unilateral right” to pull out of the backstop under her EU withdrawal agreement – but she said the UK would have a choice over whether or not to enter into it.

“The backstop is something nobody wants to go into in the first place, and we will be working to make sure that we don’t go into it,” she said.

“If we get to the point where it might be needed, we have a choice as to what we do, so we don’t even have to go into the backstop at that point.”

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