Full Lopes: Amazon Wildfire Will Be Discussed At G-7 Emergency Meeting | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Full Lopes: Amazon Wildfire Will Be Discussed At G-7 Emergency Meeting | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Full Lopes: Amazon Wildfire Will Be Discussed At G-7 Emergency Meeting | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Covered in Smoke And Flames Amazon, his experience within 74,000 fire since January of this year and increase of 84 % on the same time last year that they can be seen from space liking. This new image that was released by dimassa and this crisis is also a starling reminder of the often fraught relationship between politics and science across the world, while researchers linked the surgeon wildfires to increase deforestation. Brazil’S president unknown climate change sceptics included, says the nongovernmental organizations could be setting the fires in an attempt to turn people against him and the government of Brazil. Reuters is now reporting, though, that the Brazilian president driving now from South Paulo Brazil is a washer post. Marina Lopez has been covering the environment and deforestation in Brazil for years she joined by Skype. I really appreciate this Marina situation here for folks in this country. Fire season in Brazil in general, how common and uncommon is it in and why is it so alarming this year Marina? Can you make a? Can you make a cogent economic argument that deforestation is the economic plan, Brazil needs and it seems like winter, six or seven other agenda items first as potential ways to help the Brazilian economy? How would you characterize the opposed new point on this plan in Brazil? Is it is their opposition growing to this order basically have a green light? Is there a lot of the International Community, the United States, coming as other countries coming? What kind of help is Brazil truly asking for German deforestation? All right? I only had about another 20 seconds, but I do want it. I do want to reiterate something that I hope he was caught. You saying Marina, and that is an emergency meeting at the j-7. This is going to be it’ll, be very interested. Will President Trump be alone and defending Brazil at the G7, when this issue comes up and click on any of the videos to watch the latest, if you’re, tired of content that you don’t know anything about where it came from, you don’t have to have that problem With us, nbcnews MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube subscribe now.
Brazil is “seeing a record number of fires this year” and many of them were “started by cattle ranchers who are using them to clear pasture,” Washington Post’s Brazil Correspondent Marina Lopes says.
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Full Lopes: Amazon Wildfire Will Be Discussed At G-7 Emergency Meeting | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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