Full Maloney: Trump ‘Left Us No Choice But To begin An Impeachment Inquiry’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Full Maloney: Trump ‘Left Us No Choice But To begin An Impeachment Inquiry’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Full Maloney: Trump ‘Left Us No Choice But To begin An Impeachment Inquiry’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
But you wanted me now: is New York, Democratic, Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney? Is a member of the House Intel committee? That’S part of the latest Groundswell of house Democrats to now say they support this formal impeachment inquiry that the speaker just announce what changed to do? What what is the, what did they’ve been hearing about the committee’s doing oversight over this presidency? For quite some time, they’ve been hearing about the idea that they’ve been thinking about opening an impeachment inquiry? Quite some time.. What should the public hear from speaker Pelosi just now? That’S different that the present has admitted to egregious conduct and that it relates to the very, very basic concepts of National Security, of putting the public interest above your own personal interest. The idea that a president any president and try to dredge up some smear campaign, a false smear campaign against the political rival and threatened to withhold us Aid when that countries being invaded right now by the Russians, unprecedented truck. So, what’s new is that we have never been in a place like this, for this has nothing to do with the Mueller report. It has nothing to do with the 2016 election, so there are familiar echos, his new information, and it cannot be more serious. Tell me about the caucus, meaning that you just came out of was this all day long was sort of a a slow roll out to where we got to today. She basic here’s what it look like to me. She let people know she and chit she’s moved on this, and she essentially gave everybody the day to decide if they wanted to announce. They were in. They had all day to announce that they were in so tell me about the Caucus meeting by 4, but I have to tell you tell him everyday. Sometimes you feel the full weight of American history and of your responsibilities and the oath. You take there’s a little bronze plaque on the floor right back there in this room that says Abraham Lincoln 1847 to 1849, because he took a principled stand against the u.s. Mexican war, sometimes that history catches up with all of us, and I think what happened today Was less than ticky-tack? You know whose it was members coming to grips with, but the president has engaged in conduct that just cannot be okay. This cannot be allowed. If it’s true, we need a whistleblower complaint two weeks ago and unless they completely dispel these allegations, he has left us no choice but to begin impeachment inquiry, and I think the members feel that responsibility is there a timetable in your mind about how long this should Take right answer. Obviously you need that. But let’s be realistic here you know, there’s a political calendar, you know there’s sort of a finite amount of time. Is there a window here that you think that this investigation needs to fit? It so remind the president could release all this information Yesterday by the president to release the Whistleblower complaint, as he’s required to do so by law. I see that he’s agreed to release a transcript. That’S great! That’S that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If there are other recordings, audio particular teacher release all the relevant information that would speed it up, but do your point sure we have an obligation to move expeditiously. Part of that is whether we get stonewalled by the administration, but I believe it’s important going on before the next election and not to politicize it, but to make it fair and to follow the facts. A lot of us are committed to that and there’s time to do that, but the Administration has a role to play. This may be unlikely that the only other two impeachment inquiries within our timeframe of sort of the modern era that we’ve seen at opposition parties that basically believed in the premise of the institutions. It might not be the case that this opposition party of believes in will everybody will believe in the in the in the premise of hey. This is part of the Constitution is part of the process. How do you get even Asic level of cooperation in order to get this investigation completed, sometimes catch up? To that? I’M look. What happened in the Senate just today, you had any unanimous, unanimous resolution that The Whistleblower complaint should be up here. No fans are, but that’s a bunch of Republicans right now, patient care about this. This should be a bipartisan concern. No American president, my Republican colleagues, to take this seriously and keep an open mind to put everybody on the record. You know it’s about my paygrade. I think what we’re going to do is we’re going to see this move forward in a way that makes the most sense, and there is going to come a moment when all of us are going to have to look in our souls and say what is right For the country, I hope that’s been formed by the facts, and I hope we do that play that has something bigger in mind than just our political self-interest for the next election or how it might affect any any any one of us and think about the country. That’S what I planned it and I want to close with something you did at the top of our conversation, almost completely seperated this from the Mueller report. If you were doing that because you don’t want it to eat so easily get conflated, separate and distinct Mueller report. Well, I guess what I’m saying is: is here and similarities. I mean soliciting foreign assistance to help win the American election. Obviously, that’s a theme, but the fact is that all of the all of the the president has admitted to most of them, and I don’t have anything to do with Bob Mueller. They all happened within, I believe after he testified to Congress. In other words, this has nothing to do with the rearview mirror or 2016. The question is: is weather going to allow it chat over our laws in our constitution, when you know what the facts are happening right in front of your eyes, this is a new game. Today and every member of Congress, Republican and Democrat needs to needs to look at the facts and and look in the mirror and do the right thing which minutes been. As you said, one of those days, you probably will never forget so many parts of today, and it may be only the beginning thanks for coming out and sharing with you so quickly after that meeting. I appreciate it also. Thank you not. 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Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-N.Y.) joins MTP Daily to discuss House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing a formal impeachment inquiry of President Trump and says “this has nothing to do with the rear view mirror or 2016.” Aired on 09/24/19.
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Full Maloney: Trump ‘Left Us No Choice But To begin An Impeachment Inquiry’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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