Full Mark Sanford: GOP Challenger To Trump ‘Could Make Him Better’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Full Mark Sanford: GOP Challenger To Trump ‘Could Make Him Better’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Full Mark Sanford: GOP Challenger To Trump ‘Could Make Him Better’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC
You’Re going to run for president against Donald Trump in the Republican race, why former South Carolina governor Congressman in former Congressman Mark Sanford, also in the race presidential candidate Mark Sanford, which title do you prefer these days dad Mark Grandpa right? You know the history says someone of your stature challenging a sitting president Dunes at president’s re-election, chances and you’re running anyway on what you don’t own in life, talk to number different Republican colleagues and friends who said look this is not a good idea. You know you need to hold back. We need to circle the wagons around that presume to tell about our guy at what about the hopes and dreams of my for boys. A lot of other kids and grandkids is, I don’t know. Ultimately, politics ought to be about improving the lives of those that we represent and, if so it ought to be about, and so there’s a robust debate going on the Democratic side or what it means to be a Democrat to be an equally robust debate on the Republican side on what it means to be Republican and and and so Paulette Miller, bunch of teams in South Carolina right now out their scrimmaging because they know they’ll play that much better on on Friday night as a consequence of those scrimmages. Until about improving to the Republican Party stands for about improving the level of national debate, whether you Republican or Democrat, let’s articulate are there where you are on that and what other ways do you think he has damaged the Republican brand? Will there a lot of boats to go in and out of the port in Charleston here, and he is damaging world as late as Friday, the Wall Street Journal how to report on how a full percentage point of GDP growth have been lost due to trade. Uncertainty are we? The party of protectionism now or the Wii Party that looks in would rather not work. I think. Equally, we have to have a station on political norms and institutions. That’S the glue that held our balance of power in place for more than 200 years and when he goes out and says the FED chairman is in Enemy of the State, CNN. Finally, I’d say this: we got to have a conversation on tone and politics. You know you look at the first congressional district as a referendum to his tone. There are a lot of working women there, a lot of young Millennials who turned away and drove so this sister went Democrat for the first time in fifty years. I think they’re a bunch of things to be discussed on the Republican side of The Ledger. Why do you think, though there is so little appetite at least publicly for this you’re not wrong? I’M on the elected I talked to her, like the Republicans and every one of them off. The Record would love a real debate here at a maximum. I think they wish for something else completely public appetite for admitting this you’re a pariah. Four, even admitting that you want to challenge the president, as you know, important to go out there and try and force the issue which I’m going to try and do. And I think others are as well and and in all said and they’re beginning to be Fisher. To me, the fact they close down the debate in South Carolina point of great pride in our state first in the South primary is amazing. There’S no way you have a 90 % win and don’t take it. But that’s what they’re going to do here in South Carolina on Curious, your reaction to John Bolton? How does it make you feel as a republican write him up, I mean you could like or dislike John Bolton. The bigger point is Rex Tillerson, General Mattis General Kelly. It’S an endless list of people who come in Administration based on, I guess, they’re all idiots – or I think his term for Tillerson – don’t hear an Exxon which is a rather large company dumb, as a rock, I think, was the present expression. Everybody is stupid compared to the president and there’s something wrong with that and so yeah he’s another casualty of this, rather is an enormous. Well, keep going, I’m sorry where you been. you’re unsuccessful the primary. We still support them for president. You said, yes, I have to tell you the amount of feedback I got about that left and right was just sort of the uniform response was perplexed bubble. But let me let me again explain more clearly what I’m talking about cuz in one sentence phrase – and I know we did not have to be continued off here in a second ago closest to me on debt depth in government spending well it’ll be interesting, then, to Ask you the question: if it ends up Trump and Biden vs. Trump or Warren, you should check out our channel. So thank you now. Do me a favor and subscribe by clicking that button down there click on any of the videos to watch that you don’t know anything about where it came from. You don’t have to have that problem with us, NBC News, MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube, subscribe now.
2020 Republican candidate Mark Sanford joins MTP Daily to discuss taking on President Trump and the Republican Party’s future.
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Full Mark Sanford: GOP Challenger To Trump ‘Could Make Him Better’ | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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