Full Weld & McIntosh: Debate Over Four More Years Of President Trump | Meet The Press

Full Weld & McIntosh: Debate Over Four More Years Of President Trump | Meet The Press
Full Weld & McIntosh: Debate Over Four More Years Of President Trump | Meet The Press
Governor Bill well, who is mounting a long shot, espresso former Congressman McIntosh with you, because this is what you said about not supporting a candidate Trump back in 2016. You said this year is different. This is when you guys are supporting the cruise, because there is a vast Gulf between the Republican candidates of economic Liberty. You know what that is, what Donald, that’s, almost exactly what Donald Trump has done and we were supporting Ted Cruz. Isn’T Trump has governed as a free-market conservative cutting taxes trying to get rid of Obamacare, deregulating the oil and energy industry, 3 % growth? That’S a reversal from his predecessor, unemployment at the lowest rate ever and you seem more more people entering the workplace and getting higher paint job. The cost of protectionism are born in country, but by American businesses, consumers and taxpayers. This was based on your analysis. For instance, Tera, how can you say discovered is a free-market conservative when he has been issuing tariff left and right difficult issue what’s going on at the G7, this is explained same thing. It’S the art of the deal and what we like about President Trump’s Vision on trade is his goal of 00 terrorist. We support that strongly and I kind of have come to recognize these tariffs are his way of forcing the Chinese to come to the table. They’Re costly and we want them to go away, but he’s using them to get to that ultimate goal of 00 Terrace Publican. But where are you aligned with the Republican party over the last couple of decades always was on fiscal issues? You just heard Congressman Macintosh make a case that the president is a free governing like a free-market conservative. Is he governing like pre-market conservative in your mind on the deficit? Now then, we are on National Defense. Interest on the debt is the fourth largest item in the federal budget. Their spending, money and Washington, like can Sailors, trillion-dollar, Sierra mr. Trump’s last budget, admittedly a multi-year, but you put it out at 9 trillion dollars to the deficit three days ago. It went up another 800 billion dollars, that’s almost another trillion dollars. You can’t keep doing that indefinitely. Every household in the United States, every governor in the United States has mr. Macintosh knows, has to balance the budget by Constitution or by necessity, and my motto – and I was in office – is there’s no such thing as gay money. There’S only taxpayers money. Well, they forgotten that in Washington led by the president and they think it’s their money, and it’s not others who have been talking about that. The if this debt keeps increasing it’s going to be a dragon, the economy effectively relying on other countries to buy our treasury bills to get us out of this terrible deficit position we’re in order to forestall the United States going into bankruptcy and economics 101. So it it’s just very much against the economic interests of the American people to keep going in this direction, and everybody who thinks about it knows it further more, as you were pointing out earlier on every single issue. In my view, it no longer matters what the President says, because that maybe his first thought of the moment or his first ramble or his first raving, but you can be assured they’ll, be a second thought. A third thought and 1/4 thought, all of which are going to be different at first thought. I remember during the Obama years a lot of conservative criticized Obama administration because, hey you know all these big Ideas, you guys are talking instability in the business Community. How is with the president’s doing that, it’s clear the reason for the Slowdown is the business Community is, is suddenly nervous. Cuz, they don’t know how this trade was going to turn out isn’t is creating unstable, as I mentioned earlier, the key to understanding this is reading. Donald Trump’s book The Art of the deal. Yes, things are going to change. You get the I want to be your friend. I want to work with you, Donald Trump. What are you trying to push towards the deal when the deal breaks apart? Do you get the Donald Trump I’m going to impose tariffs, think it’s thrown out their life? Where is this actually work? He doesn’t have an infrastructure Healthcare. He doesn’t have a new deal with China and work. Yet it worked on replacing NAFTA, successful Nancy Pelosi. In the Democrats in the house, the key thing for Donald Trump is to show that he’s got a vision for the second term and continue with another round of tax cuts he’s deciding which way he wants to go on that we’re going to urge one that is For small businesses to give them choose the same tax break the corporate – if you don’t get the nomination doesn’t deserve re-election, the second term and it’s what Steve Bannon his political Robespierre says. He says if President Trump is re-elected you’re, going to see four years of unadulterated, unrequited payback. Mr. Trump is going to pay back all his enemies. What it’s just it’s another example of his extreme malignant narcissism he’s only happy when other people are losing it’s not enough for him to win. He make sure his vendors get paid 5 and 10 cents on the dollar. Why? He Swiss Banker, friends walk off with hundreds of millions of dollars. That’S his reputation in New York, New York and New Jersey, as one of the most dishonest businessman in the Republican to jump in a bunch of other Republicans are thinking about it. Any of the the Republicans would convince you to get support, but I’m thrilled about Joe Walsh and Mark Sanford getting in. I think, that’s terrific and it’s going to be a more robust conversation who knows the Network’s might even cover Republican primary. They can ill afford to say they cover only Democrats, but I’m looking forward to both those fellows getting in, and, I hope more as well. It can only contribute to more robust than dialogue. Acraze president makes the stock market go down, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it all right. Well, Governor welcomes McIntosh. I think we showed that we can have a disagreement without sounding disagreeable with each other. 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Presidential Candidate, Fmr. Gov. Bill Weld (R-Mass.) and David McIntosh, Club for Growth President, join Meet the Press for an exclusive joint interview to talk about the current administration, the ongoing trade war and Republicans standing up to Trump.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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Full Weld & McIntosh: Debate Over Four More Years Of President Trump | Meet The Press

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