Full Wicker: ‘No Direct Evidence Of Pressure’ On Ukraine | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Wicker: ‘No Direct Evidence Of Pressure’ On Ukraine | Meet The Press | NBC News
Full Wicker: ‘No Direct Evidence Of Pressure’ On Ukraine | Meet The Press | NBC News
And joining me now, as Republican senator Rodger wicker of Mississippi, is a member of the armed services committee. Also co-chaired the commission on security and cooperation in Europe do with opposing intelligence briefing that Senators have received. First, let me play with Fiona Hill said about Russia and Ukraine at the hearing, or this week, picolas Humpty Dumpty repeat their interference in the 2020 election, we’re running out of time to stop them in the course of this investigation. I would ask that you please note from us and that you guys have been given an intelligence briefing on this issue that Russia is trying to frame you crank. Some members have. I have not I’m not at all surprised that Russia is gearing up, I’m not at all surprised that she’s correct the Russia tried to interfere in 2016. Also, ukrainians themselves tried to interfere. Also, Russia is that the same as the Russian government and Putin ordering a full-fledged interference in the United States, I’m concerned about both I’m concerned about, but let me say this truck. I just have to start disagree with your lead-in to this whole show today.. I think that the Washington pundit re is someone in a bubble on this. I think the Democrats had a bad week last week. Well: okay, for one thing the polls are turning in the presents favor, you got the Marquette poll in Wisconsin, which is the gold standard of Wisconsin pulse. Then you got the Emerson poll, which is a nationwide poll which actually shows that Trump’s favorability going up, and I just think the people out there don’t think the system of this investigation is fair. They know that only Democrat Witnesses were allowed to be called. None of the – and this is that Democrats and Republicans, none of the witnesses that were exclusively called by the Republicans, were or ask an interviewer asked a question about the Whistleblower and, and so German shift has decided that it would beneficial to his case and will it Might be beneficial if some of the Republicans were allowed to cross-examine this person, so I said totally totally inadequate, she’s no liberal last time I checked, and it was Peggy Peggy Noonan. Take on this impeachment process has been so clearly made. You wonder what exactly the Senate will be left doing. How will they hold a lengthy trial with a case this clear who exactly what Witnesses, those who testified that he didn’t do what he appears to have done and would never do it respond to Peggy Noonan? I totally disagree with Peggy on that in and of course, she writes a column every week in the Wall Street Journal and it’s not the first time. You know what the public is saying. The public is kind of tuning out. A kind of bored is illegal argument. What was done here, the fact that he mentioned Biden’s, never talked about corruption, the phone call any of the stuff. I think the phone call and I’ll read the transcript late last night in preparation for this. I think the phone call was legitimately about corruption in Ukraine. President selenski do in response to his phone, honest about it that sort of major investigation into the Bible. What confirmation was asking about the Biden senator sure to do anything. He didn’t even know the aid was being held up. You know if you’re going to, if you’re going to try to remove the president of the United States from from Office. You need concrete evidence and, and the other person on the part of this so-called quote, denies that there was a quid pro quo and also everything that you felt was so compelling in your leader was guesswork. Was here say there was direct evidence of pressure on the Ukrainian government to do a certain action in order for the aid to to go forward and Anna at, I really don’t see what you and your producers in the lead up there. I think it was a bad week. I think the American people are are moving away from the Democratic position. Your support for Clinton impeachment play that that the commander and chief of our Armed Forces could not be held to a lower standard than are his subordinate. The rule of law is more important than the tenure in office of any elected official. If you see proof in the Senate trial at this present United States are close to see. Let me say this week: we learned some political lessons in the impeachment of Bill Clinton, but but give us this. There were Democrats who voted for impeachment, also in the House of Representative and a judge in Arkansas. Had you work at that amount, as has found as a matter of fact, that President Bill Clinton committed perjury, a felony in almost every state, so the evidence was was pretty overwhelming, not to mention the any advantage of a young employee who’s, a seal. The president, United States controversy, involving this Chief Gallagher here, should the present short circuit. This or not, would you like to see the salad make this decision? I think the president, as commander-in-chief, can make this decision. I feel very comfortable with him, making it. I feel very comfortable with what he’s done on the other two cases, so I’m with in there LOL Meet the Press Channel on YouTube click on the button. Little explosives,
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Full Wicker: ‘No Direct Evidence Of Pressure’ On Ukraine | Meet The Press | NBC News

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