Funeral for Danforth shooting victim turns political

Justin Trudeau Place flowers at this memorial for victims of the shooting on Toronto’s Danforth strip 8 days ago he honored the two people killed we need to honor their memories honor their love and and their spirit and we To That All Of Us Together most seemed happy to have the Prime Minister there but not all reaction from others in the crowd but even some of Trudeau’s biggest supporters had tough question for you they want to know how he’s going to prevent shootings like this in the future I’ve had him for what he did but I would have caught him further if if if you took this and use it as a springboard to to see if he can Implement some very strict gun control laws The Call by Mayor John Tory for an all-out been I’m all for Tori’s proposition I think it’s get rid of handguns not sure why they need to be in the hands of individuals I think it becomes so simple then somebody I mean I understand the fact that they be a lot of illegal guns but they will be clearly illegal can to talk today on CBC Radio the police chief was asking if he supports the band I would save from perspective my biggest issue are the people that have motivated to shoot throttle city council recently voted to take the issue to the government when asked today if he’ll move forward with ab and the Prime Minister said this what the best way to fulfill our fundamental responsibilities as as governments as orders of government to keep our citizens safe people need to be safe A lot of things that were looking at right now obviously there’s a lot of emotions going on grieving looking at how we can continue to be stronger and more resilient as communities over time this Memorial will dwindle as normal life resume but for the people who live here and we’re tucked by this tragedy the issues of gun violence in public safety may not fade so quickly Greg Ross CBC News Toronto a poll conducted in December suggested vast majority of Canadians 69% favor and write turn on guns in urban areas support was highest in Quebec lowest in Alberta
The funeral and memorial for Danforth shooting victim Reese Fallon turned political, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in attendance. Many seemed happy to have the prime minister there to honour the victims — others wanted to know what Trudeau will do to prevent shootings in the future.

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