‘Game Changer’ Ukraine Scandal Prompts New Calls For Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

‘Game Changer’ Ukraine Scandal Prompts New Calls For Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
‘Game Changer’ Ukraine Scandal Prompts New Calls For Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Bossier, a republican Virginia Congressman who’s running for a second term. Guy named Scott Taylor was indicted on federal election fraud, charges the same forging signatures to try to get a third-party candidate on the ballot, but he was a republican incumbent. Why does he want a third party candidate on the ballot? I think it was an act of desperation. I think the thinking was if there was a liberal third party, split off liberals and have a spoiler effect on the chances of the Democrat, who is running against him in the election good and crazy, and also reflects how much of a long shot. They’Re willing to take to try to get him real, have been nervous, the second district in Virginia district that in many ways is dominated by the presence of the US Navy. I was one of the first women to serve my entire Navy career on combat and ships deployed six time, I’m Elaine luria, and when this is your office, your only option is to work together. Congress could learn a thing or two it be partisan. Politics can’t protect Social Security and Medicare or fix our broken Healthcare System. I approve this message from way outside Washington to bring a c change to Congress. Seachange right you and I can’t make that claim, but she earned it a landlord. I graduate at the Naval Academy with a Physics degree, and she became literally an engineer, running nuclear reactors. Charge of nuclear powered aircraft carriers eventually come into the song: a force of 400 Sailors. This incredibly accomplish military veteran, ultimately, Democrat Elaine luria goes on and she beat Scott Taylor in the general having survived longer on active military duty than anybody else in the house. Democratic caucus isn’t the district that went not just for Trump before that went for McCain before that she’s, not one of the Lefty leaders of the progressive caucus from this new crop of Democrats, but she’s, obviously in Congress. Right now, in the midst of this current national security crisis that has arisen around the president, basically admitting that he pressed a foreign leader to dig up dirt on his political opponents while withholding military meantime, it is making people sit up and take notice tonight that Elaine Luria has now joined six of her fellow freshmen Democrats to call those actions quote and impeachable offense congresswoman Laura and her colleagues write tonight in the Washington Post Ollie’s in Congress to consider the use of all congressional Authority is available to us, including the power of inherent Contempt and impeachment hearings of the truth and protect our national security. Thank you. So much for being here will thank you to talk about you right next to me. So I’m sorry about that social awkwardness. If this particular instance that’s happened, I was the president of the United States and listing of foreign leader to assist him in conducting an investigation that will mirror and damages, but then political opponent in the upcoming election and in the process of doing that, potentially withheld foreign Aid, so that country, if this is an impeachable, what is so? I feel that this is a clear and concise instant for the American people can understand where the president of the United States is tried to enlist foreign influence in our election process and also threaten our national security by withholding foreign aid. And if this is a game, changer National Security, can you expand on that? Some I mean obviously, whenever you’re talking about relations with foreign country, whenever you’re talking about military aid whenever you’re talking about potential private interest trumping, the public interest in terms of our international relations do invoke National Security. But given your background, how do you specifically think this is dangerous to us in the country in your earlier segment? You spent a lot of time talking about the in the background related to Ukraine in the position with the 2014 invasion of Russia and Crimea. Congress has appropriated funds, 250 million dollars specifically to the security assistance of Ukraine and the fact that that money was withheld and to me whether it was explicitly stated or not. I believe that the president and Leadership within Ukraine – I would understand what, in the case of these demands, the fact that this money being withheld was meant to coerce their actions towards conducting this investigation, and this case is different. Yeah we sent this during the conversation we have to foreign leader to investigate a political candidate in the United States and their intent could have been nothing other than to try to disappear him to find dirt and Moline him in order to influence the outcome of the Next election of the Russia investigation in the course of the Mueller investigation in the Mueller report, all of the revelations about the president’s behavior and indeed his inviting Russian airfare the election to the extent that that’s because that was proven by Mueller’s investigation. Through all of that, you didn’t call for impeachment proceedings, or even as many of your colleagues did – and I know that clear and concise and direct problem has done here. Do you worried about the political consequences of you endorsing impeachment proceedings over this I mean you are from narrowly republican-leaning District. I spent my entire career in a position that was non-partisan. If you think about the fact that you know the operating nuclear reactors in an aircraft carrier and we’re simultaneously conducting strikes in Iraq and Afghanistan and I’m supervising the operation of a nuclear reactor into the reactor operator next Wednesday, your democratic-republican, we have a mission to accomplish, And I think that that idea of you know this is not a partisan issue. I think it is an issue of doing the thing that is right and I understand for myself. This could very well be a political liability, but I came to Congress to do what was right. The people in my district sent me to Washington to make hard choices, and I think that they did that in part, because my entire career in the Navy combat unit of 400 sailors does the executive officer on a guided missile Cruiser. I did six deployments on ships and dangerous circumstances and operating nuclear reactors and weapon systems through a lot of hard choices that had to be made during my career, and I think that very background as why the voters in my district sent me to Washington. So I think that I’ve made a choice that it’s clear and I’m doing this, because I think it is right and there really doesn’t need to be a political calculus in this situation. There is not for me looking at this from the outside. It does feel, like things are different to see your name unless I fed the names of the other people who signed onto this with you, Mikey Cheryl Abigail, spanberger, Elissa, slotkin, Gil, Cisneros, Jason, Crow, Chrissy houlahan to see people who are but who have been reticent on This issue, and really not willing to be out ahead of other people on this and taking a sort of moderate line on all of these things. It feels different, it does feel like something’s broken and that the Democrats going to move forward in a different way. Is it Play U2? It definitely feels that way, and I made this decision on my own, but I very quickly consulted with my colleagues who I found were all on the same page, and you can see that seven others came together with a national security background in and shared our thoughts With the public as to why we’ve made the decision that we’ve made – and I truly can’t speak for every Kali within the house and but but I just definitely feel that that the tide is changing and you’re truly for those of us indifferent capacity to the military. Serving in intelligence, the CIA I’m to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, at the bed, with the first time when I was 17 years old and up on every promotion during my 20-year Navy, I most recently now serving In Congress representing my district, so I take it very seriously and I think all of us come at it from that perspective, that you know we sent there to uphold the Constitution and that this is clear and concise evidence to the American public wrong doing it happened And we need to take the next step to follow through get to the bottom of that information, and let the American public know all the facts. All right, we’ll be right back thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you, can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos?
Rep. Elaine Luria, members of the House Armed Services Committee, talks with Rachel Maddow about why Donald Trump’s political games with military funding for Ukraine threaten U.S. national security and why she now supports impeaching Donald Trump. Aired on 09/23/19.
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‘Game Changer’ Ukraine Scandal Prompts New Calls For Impeachment | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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