Gangin’ in Blackpool – BBC News

Gangin’ in Blackpool – BBC News
Any kids ages, hi, I’m Sophia, spend I’m 16 years old. You might loan me to clean a black hole and I do grime and because normally goes away singing I’ve never seen a girl being aggressive, get to fix a fishy sound like, but I grew up in a place where people got robbed jealous. She was trying to say stuff about me and other people. What can you get the me like you did before I was taking it. Everyone wishes. I was like keep sending me every single person, 15 orchids, hey the Music, lyrics self, Bouncer and I’ll. Just a piece of paper for us that she knows it., they swear, I swear in, it can even know the real meaning of, and I was saying it on camera in front of millions of people the whole. The whole reason why I hate you play okay. Can I take old people, send it to me what was I thinking about how to make? I think, because I kind of got over that I kind of group – and I kind of you know, built this kind of block to like any kind of negative emotion, Footlocker. I was talking about Picayune Kennebunkport Lil Tay. After I remember I was with my friend hate saying, I’m the biggest one. I don’t know why you like him really like this, and I always feel like I’m just like so full of myself full of myself.
Two teenagers. One seaside town. Millions of views … this is the story of YouTube’s most unlikely beef.

Josh Tate (Little T) and Sophie Aspin became locked in an online battle which saw their Blackpool-based music channel gain over 40 million hits. Since then their work has been recognised by Stormzy and Ed Sheeran.

Ahead of a new documentary on Blackpool grime, Josh and Sophie have spoken to the BBC about the price of hitting it big online.

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Produced by Nisha Lahiri and Tammi Walker

Video Journalist: Ameer Ahmed

Executive Producer: Chris Gibson

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