Gas wars: The problem with Nord Stream 2 – BBC News

Gas wars: The problem with Nord Stream 2 – BBC News
The relationship between Germany and the United States has to be turbulent since Donald Trump came to power. I think it’s a horrible thing. The German is doing its contributions contention. It’S a horrible thing that you have a pipeline coming from Russia under the Baltic Sea engine is already laying a more Russian gas and some more Russian influence into Europe. Tikka rice failed in Germany dumpling his capacity. This is what about pipeline. Russian gas is due to arrive on European soil, it’s in a building site, but it’s also become a political Battleground. This is the valve is shut off the gas on a roof. That’S one at the Russian into right. Now, hello, gas is piped. Chepe’S is a Transit country, Ukraine’s worried that once northstream tooth complete Russia will multiple is pipeline. There is still there Erica isn’t giving up by the best, still threatening sanctions on the western companies involved in this project from Russia. At this time, kind of influence by selling liquefied natural gas to look the fact that the Americans try to sell everything to everybody all of the time. That’S capitalism, that’s what we do. We’Ve been consistently against this this this project, even before we had the ability to sell l & g, its political value, its Rising
Nord Stream 2 is the name of the undersea pipeline that should soon pump more Russian gas into Europe.

It is a divisive project within Europe and has infuriated the US, which fears that more Russian gas means more Russian influence and less share of the lucrative European gas market for American liquefied natural gas.

BBC’s Berlin correspondent Jenny Hill has been looking at the issue.

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