Gatwick airport: How can a drone cause so much chaos? – BBC News

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Gatwick airport: How can a drone cause so much chaos? – BBC News
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Gatwick airport: How can a drone cause so much chaos? – BBC News
A nightmare situation for pilots and passengers, a drone striking a plane at high altitude, I’m top speed. This experiment from the University of Dayton shows of worst-case and unlikely scenario, but that happened several near misses with drawings, coming within a few feet of commercial aircraft, so the industry doesn’t take any chances depending on the speed of the Drone of the speed of the drive-in. In the aircraft and the weight of the Dragon, you can get some damage with a drone collision against something like an A380 or on a 320 or whatever happens to be you risk killing, maybe to 300 people or more activity. In July 2017, some flights from Gatwick Airport what delayed or diverted after a drone, was spotted flying on the airport’s approach Pi. But previous incidents have been dealt with in a matter of minutes to hours say the disruption is deliberate. The price of well that it’s illegal to fly within a kilometre or about a thousand yards of an airport, those hoping to cause disruption, can easily flautas rules. The real point is that are the people that are responsible for the security of airport. Things need to invest to ensure that we got good strength in that than in terms of the security for people operating out from Airport Drive manufacturers stop the drain flying near an apple that can be easy to overcome. They could use a signal jammer that stops the remote control communicating with the drain. If it’s flying along a pre-programmed, stop companies are developing counted drone technology to deal with the threats like this drone catching net deployed from another aircraft and Aviation giant Boeing has showed off this drone busting laser that heats up in a crock pot. I makes it catch fire. The rules in the UK are expected to tighten in 2019 with the introduction of a drawing register for the problems at Gatwick today, so that this is not something. Legislation alone will fix. Kris Wilkes BBC News
Thousands of passengers have seen their flights from Gatwick Airport cancelled after two drones were spotted flying over the airfield within a 12-hour period.

The runway is currently shut as officials investigate.

So why has a drone caused so much disruption and what are the risks posed by these devices?

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