Gatwick Airport: How many drones have been seen? – BBC News

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Gatwick Airport: How many drones have been seen? – BBC News
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Gatwick Airport: How many drones have been seen? – BBC News
Was it drone or drones to be a small number of drones, in the plural of the word more than 40 sightings over there.? The airport was closed. So we can’t be exactly it said, was the lost? It was the same small number driving see many times for the can. That will become clear once the inquiries are completed. Well, it’s a different kind of disruption that I’m not settling. This now evidence that this is Terry related in the conventional sense, North Links to West Forest World War II and its initial terrorist group. But it’s clearly icons of disruptive activity that we’ve not seen before is unprecedented anywhere in the world. The disruption of that potent this way we’re going to have to learn very quickly from what’s happened. I plan to convene discussions with other airports around the UK and very quickly indeed so that they know what’s happened to understand what lessons we put in place. Every measure we possibly can to ensure discount happen again to give confidence for that cost can be safe. I’M not going to talk in detail about televised which Havana today, which should get passengers confidence about safe to fly just emerging. A small number of airports around the world have started to bring in systems that could help solve. The problem. Could help is Waltz, the existing technology can do what else needs to be done, but the setting isn’t a straightforward commercial off-the-shelf solution that automatically solves all problems. Danger said that what I want to get to the office, why does not being taken more seriously Kohl’s now about not flying Trends close to airports, about tough criminal penalties about the ownership of drive-ins? I would go further measures in frankreich Sample around the age of use of drones to we’ve already legislative. We have been recognizing. This is a problematic mean. Acting are these the kind of things you might be? Looking at what we have already got, we were religious lights for restrictions that prevent you from flying or driving around, and therefore we did that last summer, because this is a criminal act Simply Having a law that says you can’t do it play criminal from doing it. I’M so this is about making sure we got the right Louis and play something. We’Ve made a start on that, but we going to have to learn Federal. What else might we need to do that? Make it impossible for a drone use of the Congress scene drop. Some airport in the why this happened, and you think that can happen that you can make it impossible ecosystems like giving Comfort the planes can fly confidence the passengers in a safe. They would not have taken that decision if they would not confident the reason the airport’s been closed for 36 hours is because they would not comforted. It was safe to fly. They are now behind it speculation. You speculate survivance about possibility until the police have finished the people responsible.
Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said there had been around 40 sightings of what were thought to be a “small number of drones” while the West Sussex airport was closed.

He would not give details of what measures had been put in place, but told BBC Breakfast some of them were “military capabilities”.

He added: “There are a range of measures which are there today which should give passengers confidence that they are safe to fly.”

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