Gatwick drones: Airport reopens after latest suspension – BBC News

Gatwick drones: Airport reopens after latest suspension – BBC News
Another extraordinary development in three days of extraordinary developments here at Britain’s second busiest airport. The latest emergency began describe as I suspected drone sighting just in the past few minutes and come back to us and said that the emergency, the suspension is now been ended on the best type of five flights can be resumed in that safe and they said precautionary Measure a safety remains our main priority, and the statement goes on to say that the military measures that we have in place at the airport have provided us with reassurance necessary that it is safe to reopen Field Days of the unspecified miniature measures and they put in Place of the last 24 hours to try and stop these drones taking off from around the airport perimeter fence in 24 hours until tonight’s one I’m, the authorities were hoping that the flights in the apple is getting back to normal. Indeed, it has been with something like six or seven hundred flights getting away. Today, I don’t mean to say the delays and frustrations. I certainly will all day long with many passengers being delayed by owls and Olive somebody couple of days because of the huge backlog and getting back to normal, but things have been progressing. Flights have been going around about a dozen flights cancel diverted because of tonight’s new emergency.. The one suspects that other flights will not come in on planes on the ground will start taking off. But again it’s the weekend Republic, I’m not made V acted a little bit more by this. Late is emergency which is coming to an end, but passengers should still continue to phone lines before traveling to Gatwick and hope that plays will get off all the time. Atoll tonight they should still expect some delays, at least until Saturday, and possibly into Sunday’s Wild
A further drone sighting has again disrupted the UK’s second biggest airport, with flights grounded and passengers unable to fly.

Aircraft were left circling above the area during the latest alert, which came at about 17:10 GMT. Flights resumed less than 90 minutes later.

A spokeswoman for the airport said the suspension was only as a precaution.

He said military measures had been put in place that meant it was safe to reopen.

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