Gatwick: How will police catch the drone menace? – BBC News

Gatwick: How will police catch the drone menace? – BBC News
I’M joined by webcam by Shashank Joshi, who is the Defence editor of The Economist Economist. Thank you very much for joining us this evening. Do you think that would have happened to expose a vulnerability of a huge Apple like this shouldn’t have had measures in place to stop these drugs, but most of that attention has been situations where there is a risk of loss of life, so that is being on A big sporting events, the risk of terrorist attacks, the risk of assassination – I didn’t know scenarios in those situations, the options for taking down the Drone by Johnny or kinetic attack with us, netzel bullets or or some other kind of measure, weather risks associated with palatable. It’S acceptable to shoot down a drone if the Riscky’s immediate loss of life in the case of disruption. I think many of the capabilities wasn’t being designed either submitted three purposes that we’ve now seen in the past couple of days. Yeah bass is it dirty contested, very dangerous environments and situations of mass casualty terrorist attacks. So I think that will be available, but using some of those options will be difficult, political and policy challenge, because it’s the context to Gatwick the fact that the the downsiders is destruction to Flight of the loss of life. So I think the challenge will be now. Episodes like this, who appear to be deliberately flying a drone or drones and causing this disruption. Is it really way of tracking or tracing the dreams of being operated from that’s a possibility, but I think what I will say is it possible for the operation to be moving around and I can make the job application that extremely difficult can also be pre-programmed to Fly particular way points: they can fly pre-programmed routes in a particular way, and in that sense they don’t necessarily need to have continuous Direction signal sent from an operator that would give the location away. That may also be complications with y’all Buster’s. Doing this talk I’ll, be very surprised if, if the direction-finding is locating the origin is not something that now could be done in a more timely way. If that’s not the case, there must be some other explanation that I think he’s is. There are lots of theories about who may be behind this. One suggestion is that it was some kind of environmental protest. People are questioning whether it could be some kind of wash uninspired. I want to disrupt things simply a lone-wolf aside know. What do you think is the most likely explanation, signals and all those things I think, the level of capabilities we have now seen deployed by the full spectrum of the Percy State we’re talking about a reasonably sophisticated operation. It is really based on past closures of runways and pasta, talk to you that poor than that extension sophistication of anti-drone capabilities, but I don’t think that they would going for an operation like this, with the enormous political risk is a fairly implausible explanation. Although, of course, all options for consideration will be taken, so I think the most likely explanation would be an individual or small-group disruption over a prolonged. Of any kind of Acts of terrorism, Act of vandalism or active violence in place. To prevent a repeat, would one idea be this idea of increasing the exclusion Zone around an airport at the moment, you’re not allowed to fly a drone within 1 kilometer of an airport. Many other countries have much bigger. That’S why you can’t fly or drive. Is that something that the government should be looking at circumventing that, so you have to ask the fundamental question: is how do you enforce the exclusion Zone exclusion zone? Is you can have detection technology? You can have monitoring technology, but a GPS signal around a continuously functioning airport is not only legally complicated, operationally complicated, given the number of using GPS and other signals around on the exclusion Zone that will inevitably be tightened up in the months ahead.
Police say they are still searching for those responsible for the unprecedented disruption at Gatwick Airport.

But the drones that were flown over the airfield have not been captured and have not been seen since Thursday night.

Endangering the safety of an aircraft is a criminal offence that can carry a prison sentence.

So how will police find those responsible?

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