Gatwick runway open after drone chaos – BBC News

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Gatwick runway open after drone chaos – BBC News
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Gatwick runway open after drone chaos – BBC News
Just what is the latest? Is it beginning to move well yacht half an hour ago, we actually had success on 53 hours since the airport hit the busiest single-runway at in the world close down. We have no rival, it was China Airlines flight to I won from Shanghai and that we hope is going to Signal the start of more operations here, but unfortunately, West before it gets better arriving, EasyJet by midnight last night at cancel 48 flight to and from Gatwick. That represents about seven and a half thousand. Passengers are ways that will be imma, sorry to say I don’t feel like a people not going anywhere today a bear in mind. This is the key date, the busiest day of the winter, for most fake British airport. It’S not going to be here, people who will go straight to the back of the queue. I count. That said, we have about a hundred and fifty thousand people so far who are trying to get seats there. Flights have been canceled trying to find seats on The View flight with any room between now and Christmas Day and for the last 24 hours here it’s been just speak to many many passengers sleepy on the floor over the airline’s meant to do in this type of Situation, every passenger just give me a refund on another flight operations or decaying money. So many people here he just say no. They said that we canceled your front it’s out, so it’s absolutely no storytime of kind of desperation. I’M sorry and thank you very much.
Gatwick’s runway has reopened after drones caused the airport to shut down for more than a day.

The airport said the runway was “currently available” and a limited number of aircraft were scheduled for departure and arrival.

Easyjet said it would resume services but expected departures and landings to be restricted at first.

Thousands of passengers remain stranded at the airport as police continue their search for the operator of the drones.

Flights were brought to a standstill after devices were seen over the airfield on Wednesday.

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