Gay men react to new film Boy Erased

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Gay men react to new film Boy Erased
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Gay men react to new film Boy Erased
Program cannot be born a homosexual. This is a lie. It’S a choice that you are. Is this what you want something like this, I mean tell me how how familiar with what we saw on edible High experience, something similar and the factor matter. Is they want to trigger some sort of anger in you so that way that it can change you in one way shape or form it’s kind of weird, because it anything that you need to change? You just be yourself, you be authentic and you be true to that. Was it difficult for you to to watch this? I didn’t. I can hear it in your voice. The traumas that I had it was tough. It was like I saw what I actually went through on film fence in in our country. It is actually a place in Toronto. This is a convocation Antron, I wouldn’t say names at some point like I, I had a black man. A couple of my pastors were actually because I used to be really active in church, but I really going because instead of me feeling like to know, I’m actually loved or respected. These pastors were trying to like rescue me because I’m sort of lost order trying to fix me because I’m sort of sort of broken in Canada. It happens a little differently than in the states, with a lot of its kind of underground you’ll, be good you’ll. Go to a summer camp, but the focus will be on conversion or you’ll. Go to a Bible study group. It’S is widespread, but there’s no statistics cuz. It’S not really. It’S not recognize anywhere. Part of the problem in Canada. Part part. Why there’s a problem taxi ban? It is, it falls between the cracks, we’re actually trying to push the federal government First wall to make a statement come out clearly, are they against conversion therapy and it’s a simple yes-or-no and then do the homework where they create the legislation? The scary part about it is, I know, people that are still it in Canada and they they they genuinely hate themselves and they still do have Suicidal Thoughts. Okay, I’m fine play the part, so it’s working you’re getting better fake. It
The new film Boy Erased, starring Lucas Hedges alongside Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe, sheds lights on the harm caused by gay conversion therapy. CBC’s Eli Glasner speaks to gay men who share their very personal reactions to the movie.

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