Gender debate: Women from both sides feel silenced – BBC News

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Gender debate: Women from both sides feel silenced – BBC News
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Gender debate: Women from both sides feel silenced – BBC News
If I feel like a woman – and you didn’t even know – I wasn’t woman – then what’s the problem, it’s kind of like if anyone can identify the woman and what is the women hi, my name is my name is: I have been silenced because my opinion doesn’t fall In line with the other transfer back, why is this even a debate? Women’S faces to be protective, because you know women can be bondable and in certain situations, so I think, having all women space is open to kind of people that may self-identifies women. I think that’s that quite dangerous. To be honest, I’m also the type of women’s faces, but, as it turns over like me to go into a woman’s face that is me trying to protect my space. If I feel like a woman and you doing the you didn’t even know, I wasn’t then what’s the problem, is it just the people that you can visibly see on? I think the issue really is. You may feel like a woman, but man, I’m women, I mean like ovaries but giving birth except right after you know, if we’ve been depressed or not the physical nature of our booties, and I think that’s something he needs to be taken into consideration. It’S kind of like: if anyone can identify the woman, then what is the women I am. I am a woman in my in my mind and my body has been adjusted, so it is physically a female. The perception of autonomous person is, you know, big man, the big grass scary kind of predator, and it’s just it’s just not. That is not what it is and I feel like a lot of that feminists even about to go 5 minutes I’ll, see you in such a radical side of the transgender world we live in and then does everyone have a voice in this debate. No, I believe, unfortunately, the loudest and Will gerrish are being put in the phone, and I don’t believe that represents me on many of the segments of the community. Just because you put someone who is Sensational and going to create headline doesn’t mean they actually represent a full community. What was scaring me from my perspective? I would say that any woman’s voice. Doesn’t agree with trans or you know it would have the new and gender ideology and it’s popping who transferred. I really feel like it’s defamation of character, because I smoke me. I told him no inciting violence or anything like that, but I want to protect women’s faces and that’s what I want to do and why am I not allowed to voice their opinion? I feel like you must have already came across the right side of it, because if you would have met me, maybe some of my people I genuinely feel like we would have been having Cups of Tea having a proper child. The whole know the bed, and now you can’t talk about it, but that just doesn’t make any sense, because how is progress going to be made? We do not have a debate. Everybody’S voice is haired. Do you think people have been silenced in this debate? A hundred percent always use a different name, because, unfortunately, you know so many women that have spoken up about this issue, but I feel uncomfortable, that’s being demonized typical transphobic, it’s Saturday, I don’t want people thinking, I’m trying to to be silent and I think a lot Of women happy and continue to be so it’s. I think this is why this is really Odd Squad groundbreaking, because it’s opening up the conversation, which is what needs to happen like me, who are scared to go into these groups, because our opinion is so different cuz. We don’t want to fight, we don’t want to argue so we back away, and I wanted to silence like that, see it go out of the drama we had enough drama like my life in a little bit between so up and down at the journey is just Crazy – and that was the reason I step forward because I went 102nd – I can handle property, I’m calling and I’m not going to be silent, cuz. I know there’s women out there that want to be women and that is what’s getting lost. I think women should be like this and if you don’t saying that you can ask her if you want yes, I know you know this because I don’t fit in with each Underoath the really. What that is doing is validating sex is completely different. I just think the essence of how union-united we all will once upon a time, and now it’s so devastating. That’S the destructive former trans women is stored with women. Before we were even fight, we fought with you for women’s rights. I would need doing all the power woman’s knees I would need is a cool could come together. This is such an important issue of all time. As much as I’m scared, I feel it’s my duty as a woman to come hand to have this conversation with you. That’S a voice, my opinion, which I feel is it should follow a lot of women. I feel the silence now is maybe just start and we’re off, because a lot more people like us by were here they’re sitting down and having at the bed
The consultation on changes to the Gender Recognition Act has been open since July.

The government wants to make it easier for trans people to get “legal recognition”.

But has it been a balanced public debate? Who has had a voice?

Feminists meeting to talk about the issues have faced protests and venue cancellations, and many say they have faced abuse on social media.

Meanwhile some trans advocates say it’s transphobic to debate gender identities. Here, two people with a stake in the conversation come together to discuss how they feel.

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