George HW Bush Funeral: Hearse arrives at National Cathedral – BBC News

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George HW Bush Funeral: Hearse arrives at National Cathedral – BBC News
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George HW Bush Funeral: Hearse arrives at National Cathedral – BBC News
Is the Bush family that you saw them? George George Bush, his brother Jeb Neal Marvin Dorothy, the five surviving Children of the former presidents standing there. We watch the flag-draped coffin of George HW Bush being pulled from the hearse and carried into the National Cathedral here in Washington. They had another sibling, robbing a little girl who died at the age of 3. Five remaining Bush children, many of him as possible, so stuffed in public office themselves want to phone. The president won from a candidate for the presidency, Jeb Bush and a former governor of Florida as well. This is a political Cathedral with faith in Jesus Christ. We receive the day of our George for burial. Let us pray with confidence to God, The Giver of Life that he will raise them to perfection in the company of saints, deliver your servant, George Lord Christ, from all evil and set him free from every Bond. You may rest with all your Saints in the Eternal habitations we’re with the father and the Holy Spirit. You live and Reign One God forever and ever let us pray also for all who mourn they make, has their Care on God and know the constellation of his love almighty. God, look with pity upon the sorrow of your servants, for whom we pray. Remember the gracious God in Mercy nourish them with patience, Comfort them with a sense of your goodness that your countenance upon them and give them peace through Jesus Christ, Lorde
The hearse carrying the remains of former President George HW Bush has arrived at the National Cathedral, after one last drive-by his old home.

President Donald Trump, and predecessors Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter are all attending the service.

The Prince of Wales, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Jordan’s King Abdullah II are among the world figures there to pay their respects.

Former leaders, including John Major, who was UK prime minister for most of Mr Bush’s term, is also attending.

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