George HW Bush praised by Republicans and Democrats in rare bipartisan display

George HW Bush praised by Republicans and Democrats in rare bipartisan display
America begins it’s official goodbye to the 41st president. Vice president Mike Pence praising Bush’s Legacy, which he says will continue to inspire. This country is wife, Laura his son’s former President George W bush, former Florida, Governor Jeb Bush and Neil Bush among the mourners. Of course, the family patriarch. at the age of 94, Richard Madden, he’s standing by tonight in Washington Richard what was the mood like in Washington with people morning for the past president struck me when we saw all these dignitaries and just the history surrounding this remarkable service Was that this was a throwback to a very different, very bipartisan time, in a very different way, in what we are living in this current climate Bush was praised by democrats talking about his class and how he was a bite. He would always be a search for a bipartisan solution and really Ella did the Office of the President of the United States. This is a time that really was captured under that era, and it was the last of this time he presided over such a tumultuous time. In world affairs, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the reunification of Germany – and there is a real sense by many – that he just really didn’t get the credit that he deserves, because he was a one-term president and then, when his term expired. Of course, we were ushered into the sort of celebrity style politics that was ushered in by Bill Clinton and then, of course, today, with Donald Trump partisanship is just rented in the city. Hyper-Partisan and George W Bush was the last of that era to really Reach Out beyond the aisle to find consensus. So you really go send that we’ve seen the end of a bygone era and just put it bluntly, things that he pushed for granting citizenship to illegal immigrants. The Republican party no runs away from that. The Bush family name is toxic and Minnie under the Trump base and and really his his history in a service to the country that was celebrated and almost expected to become president of the United States. Will that really isn’t is critical anymore for those trying to reach the highest office? So really we just caught a snapshot of a moment of time today and it was really striking to see. I saw the service today on Capitol Hill and and one thing I I meant to bring up – and I just found really extraordinary and just how Americans celebrate their history, that the the plank that it was carrying his coffin was the same. It carried Abraham, Lincoln’s coffin. After he was assassinated in the 1860s, so that’s just remarkable that that still exist today. The funeral be held at the National Cathedral was here in Washington, and this will be the same funeral that we saw for Gerald Ford back in the mid-2000s Dwight Eisenhower was commemorated there, as so we’ll see that funeral on Wednesday, and then he flies back to his Final resting place in Texas, so this whole week in Washington is really going to be paying I to the Legacy and Life of George HW Bush. One thing that I really wanted to mention today that really stood out was watching his son former President George W bush. Really trying to hold back tears as he stood on the steps of the capitol I watched his his father’s coffin, be let inside you really didn’t get to see emotion coming from President George W bush, but you really saw him today holding back those tears and once Again, it just brings you back to just the time of his father, George HW Bush, and just how different that was back then to how things are today. Simply the Sun
Richard Madan discuss the mood in Washington as George H.W. Bush’s body is brought back ahead of his funeral.

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