George Takei On U.S. Government Holding Kids In Camps | The Last Word | MSNBC

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George Takei On U.S. Government Holding Kids In Camps | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Donald Trump prove tonight but he has no idea how to buy groceries we believe that only American citizens should vote in American elections which is why I D like everything else voter-id want to buy groceries you need a picture on a card you need ID you go out and you want to buy anything you need ID and you need to pay the man who bases his immigration policy on his ignorance about how to buy groceries as 600 children in his custody tonight 600 children who remain tonight separated from their families after. ordered a zero-tolerance policy on the southern border of policy which he has since abandoned in judging by the presents public comments he has completely forgotten what he did and has in his doing to those children on the southern border and it over 600 of them still in Donald Trump’s custody Donald Trump spoke for 62 minutes tonight in Florida and he did not say one word about those 600 children who are still separated from their families and he had plenty of time to do it it wasn’t exactly a dense policy latest attempt to give a huge new tax breaks to the rich on a night in the middle of the summer his mind actually wandered off to Christmas play early to be thinking this but I always think it remember the attack on Merry Christmas anymore everyone’s happy Merry Christmas that was but I always think Donald Trump is always thinking about Christmas is always thinking about saying Merry Christmas and he’s never thinking about the spirit of Christmas just the department stores he’s never thinking about that infant baby a Wanderer with his mother and father who found a place to rest in that manger in Bethlehem Donald Trump’s never thinking about him when he thinks about Christmas and he never it’s about the children and the families whose lives he has harm so deeply he’s never given a thought to what those babies and toddlers and children are feeling tonight George Takei was seized by the federal government then put in federal custody he was 5 years old George will join us next until the president of the United States how that feels Trump and attorney general Jeff sessions May essentially orphan hundreds of immigrant children single Trump Administration policy on the southern border that has ripped families apart who here thinks that Zero Tolerance has been a success even just raise your hand if you think it’s been a success family separation policy has been a success raise your hand during our discussion now is George Takei and actor in civil rights activists he and his family were held in a Japanese-American interned capturing World War II George please tell us what it felt like take us back to that time when you were five years old and suddenly you were leaving your home did you know that as you were leaving your home you were being seized by the federal government and sent into Federal custody I was too young to really understand what was going on I remember that morning when my parents got me up very early to go together with my brother you’re younger and our baby sister still an infant they dressed as hurriedly and my brother and I were told to wait in the living room while my parents did some last-minute packing back in the bedroom and so the two of us would just gazing the front window when suddenly we saw two soldiers marching up our driveway They Carried Rife Elizabeth shiny bayonets on them they stomped up the porch and began pounding on the door with their fists it was a terrifying sound my father came rushing out and he answered the door and the truly at gunpoint we we were ordered out of our home my father gave my brother and me small packages to carry and we stepped out and stood on the driveway waiting for my mother to come out and when she came out she had our baby sister and one arm a huge duffle bag in the other and tears streaming down her cheeks I will never be able to forget that scary horrible morning when you woke up in the first and the camp that you were in I believe you were into 1st in Arkansas and then California did you have any sense of how long this was going to become your life well what we were first taken to the horse stables of Santa Anita Racetrack and from a two-bedroom home to a smelly stools pungent with the smell of horse manure in the small enero horse stall all five of us squeeze in there with the cops covering the whole space that was there and my parents said that we were going to be here for a while and this is where the horses used to sleep and two five-year-old me I thought it it was fun to sleep with horses sleep but for my parents it was a degrading and humiliating painful experience and I had many conversations with my father after hello I when I was a teenager and he told me that his that was one of the most painful experiences the whole internment if you can have a minute with Donald Trump what would you tell him about what you believe is happening to these children who I’ve been now orphaned at the southern border he has reached a new historic low will but with this notion of tearing children away from their parents and then putting them in any incarcerating them in the cages and then scattering them all over I mean it’s such a pathetic incompetence now that they are there required to reunite the families and parents they can’t find the children they can’t match up the children with the with the parents and some parents have been deported already to Guatemala and Honduras or El Salvador and it it’s the most encounter Administration and a new low and cruelty in inhumanity it is really it makes Americans a shame since the policy was reversed and mom said a few words about basically ending that policy but he hasn’t said a word about these children sense and any can go to Florida tonight talk for 62 minutes he’s got over 600 children still in his custody they are in. mom’s custody and they are lost from their parents and he does not say one word about them he doesn’t care I mean he’s he’s got a new outrage two or three times a day and he’s gone from one to the other and so he’s pretty keypad with that and they’re out of his mind already Jeff sessions try to justify that by reading the Bible when they announce the zero tolerance this is really upside down Administration just filled with cruelty and an inhumanity it’s just it’s mace Americans ashamed George Takei thank you very much for joining us tonight and sharing your extraordinary families experience with us tonight I really appreciate it thanks for four more from the last word arrest of MSNBC
Like the children at the border, George Takei was seized by the federal government when he was five years old. The President ignored the crisis Tuesday but Takei explains what life in internment is like.
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George Takei On U.S. Government Holding Kids In Camps | The Last Word | MSNBC

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