Getting into the mindset of 2 homicide suspects on the run

Getting into the mindset of 2 homicide suspects on the run
Getting into the mindset of 2 homicide suspects on the run
We have the latest now on the search for two murder suspects in Northern Manitoba. The rcmc RCMP believe McLeod and Briar chmielowski are still somewhere around the town of Gillum Angela Johnston with a CBC News team on the ground. There now live by phone Angela start by telling us what it’s like there this morning turn it definitely morning at sweater. It’S in that they’re still in the area, but you know of course is lying here is extremely difficult. A lot of cabins and could perhaps, but that is – is video from other day there was Heavy Rain. I understand so they’re cold or wet, if indeed they are out there. What about the people from the town safe? They found lovely place to live Gillum where they normally feel like they can leave their doors unlocked, and now they have this giant presence of police. Just sending on them, how are they feeling about what’s happening right outside their homes? Yeah I mean. Obviously, people in this whole general area are still feeling pretty much on edge. A few people openly worries to us in speculate concerned keep an eye on what’s going on. So there is no feeling of unease and and and anxiety, but also is we are hoping that this is resolved soon. for a look at what could be happening on a criminal psychologist, Eric hickey. He joins us now from Fresno California. Thank you so much for being with us this morning. Let’S begin with the process of profiling, how do investigators even begin to understand the Suspects? Well, it’s probably spinner Impressions dropping science for the past 35 years, and so it’s about learning about special practice. So over overtime. We we figured out how they think we’re going to do with your next step. It’S a process and there’s different types of profiling. Victim profile is on the major types and we won’t have time to touch your nose too much, but so what happens is that law enforcement they their they’re trained to The Next Step. The Next Step, you’re dying in the end of it, often more likely, is, if they’re, going to end up ending in a whimper where they will give themselves at 4. They’Ll be captured will be the case and nobody else gets hurt, but I suspect these these fellows are are hiding out laying low hoping that things will die down, but as he went out of resources, they’re going to make their next move and yes, it was. This is very dangerous situation, because these people already changed it three people and – and if that’s the case, then they can be very great danger, still so Vincent Elementary School. I believe they were together with the Walmart and their Hometown, so they are great friends. They go on this trip, parents understood they were going to try to find work elsewhere and somehow this crime spree begin., Perhaps change the dynamic between two young men. In a friendship it may have been that that was never their plan to begin, but I think we have to consider that possibility. They probably left impulsive shooting these relationship, and so one of them is going to be in charge of this democracy. One of them is going to be making decisions of where we’re going to we’re going to do it. What kind of that is, if there’s actual negotiations, how that would play out under difficult circumstances, they decide? Okay, we’re not going to do this anymore, I’m at to dangerous, I’m afraid and any could then leave and go separate ways possibility. So I know it was looking for two people it may have been, or it could be that in the near future that they split up and go separate ways. The police are aware of the possibility. Must I I’m wondering if both of the fight or flight Instinct that people have been talking about in this case, impetuous quit all that can store, take this punk out of it all for them, and it certainly? But there is also this other piece that we. is a headband, any wind off the natural man of the dawn for them, that that could be a payoff for them and in his glory, if they had, they want us to shoot it out with police, but more Likely that these are resolved where they give themselves out for so long, but you for them to change your way of thinking so right now I change to how do we resolve this? Will we get a good deal so you may want to make a deal, but I doubt that, given that they, I was criminal psychologists, Eric hickey, joining us from Fresno California,
What goes through the mind of a fugitive on the run? For a look at how the two murder suspects from B.C. might be thinking and what their next steps might be, we spoke with a criminal psychologist.
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