Giannis is going to be in ‘attack mode’ against Kawhi, Raptors in Game 1 – Stephen A. | First Take

Giannis is going to be in ‘attack mode’ against Kawhi, Raptors in Game 1 – Stephen A. | First Take
Giannis is going to be in ‘attack mode’ against Kawhi, Raptors in Game 1 – Stephen A. | First Take
You have to makeup your mind about how much you believe in Kawhi Leonard excuse me. If you made it matter, appreciate that he has to do I’m looking at Milwaukee, you got home court advantage, Toronto, Wicca wire, rolling the way the hero. That’S one element: the other element is that I’m looking at you and guess what the way that they played against Boston after ran rod and it’s that they destroyed the Pistons are such a bad way. We actually walked away, giving Blake Griffin a standing ovation for showing up in the last two games of the series and playing as valiantly as he played cuz. You ain’t good enough. You ain’t the monsters of the Eastern Conference, there’s a new sheriff in town okay. So what do you do when you go from there, but you have to do? Is you have to look at the Milwaukee Bucks? You have to see the way that you played you had a situation with a Greek Freak is Ballin Out. What’S in the shooting lights out, Brook Lopez and Mirotic and all these boys are shooting from the perimeter you got to keep that momentum. You can’t let you can’t take your foot off the gas, because the Greek Freak is Right. Toronto is not Boston in the you might have more, but you’re, not as together of a unit as Toronto is the best part about Toronto is not just the greatest of Kawhi Leonard. The best part about that is that you’re, looking at their squad and they’re together, everybody is deposition, nobody’s out of pocket and everybody. What is it that we make? It has incredibly important that Milwaukee, who said what you just said, because everyone knows their job, but we both. We both agree that there’s no one as good as Chris Middleton on the other team. What are you brought David siakam more consistently when he’s healthy? If he ever gets, he gets really going because he was hurt when he ever after the trade Kawhi is going to have to eat tonight. I believe I will have the bigger game and I believe the Raptors can win this game. One cuz. What we saw in the first series was it, took a game won game for the freak, what they were doing to him. I think we could see the same sort of thing. I think I could go ballistic in this game and the Raptors could do a good enough job defensively on the freak that Milwaukee’s going to have to make adjustments the thing about having a willing Superstar, find his open, teammates and create quality shots for them. As you’re honest and a really smart coach as budenholzer is filmmakers just well. He is why I disagree with you and I think it’s, the Greek Freak disco have a bigger game tonight. I think they’re home, I think, he’s going to be a monster Eastern Conference. Most first time in, like 18 years or whatever 2001, when I covered them against the Philadelphia 76ers game 7, everybody get was so enamored with vents going up against AI. That was the semi-finals Glenn Robinson Ray Allen. San Francisco, it’s the Midwest. They really nothing going on. Are We respected? You know it’s about. This is all they got. This is all they have. The muscles stiffen came until he ain’t interested in quality cat out he’s trying to win a championship. He ain’t thinking about anything but destroying you he’s in his home. Ok, Google heavyweight champion way back in the day, who is considered the greatest heavyweight champion ever his face, was always the same whether he was in trouble with doubles and author. He was totally impassive, faces the game, the Universe on the same thing as a preseason game. You can’t even tell what’s going on playing as great as he is. I think that’s even more inspirational. What is it with Molly in Milwaukee Family Focus when he first got to the league, he sent his game check back home. The story goes right, had no money to send the whole check home and Hannah to get to the arena starts running to the arena fan spots on hey, aren’t you the number one draft pick? Are you the first round pick get in? Try some to the arena. This dude does not work out with opposing players in the offseason Eagles. I’M going to beat that guy
Stephen A. Smith is banking on Giannis Antetokounmpo to come up big in Game 1 of the 2019 Eastern Conference finals and outduel the Toronto Raptors’ Kawhi Leonard.
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