Giants drafting Daniel Jones is a ‘big mistake’ – Todd McShay | SC with SVP

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Giants drafting Daniel Jones is a ‘big mistake’ – Todd McShay | SC with SVP
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Giants drafting Daniel Jones is a ‘big mistake’ – Todd McShay | SC with SVP
Giants drafting Daniel Jones is a ‘big mistake’ – Todd McShay | SC with SVP
The second quarterback taken was that got Daniel Jones and look, I don’t know anybody not associated with Duke who watched as much of them as I did this year. I always seem to have a side on her against in Winters they’re, always in that noon. When I like to call Jefferson window whatever the case was at no point in any of watching Duke play football that I feel like, I was watching the number 6 pick in the NFL draft, his last home game. They lost 59 to 7 to wake. He threw for 145 yards in a touchdown. I know he had a good bowl game, but the number 6 pick in the whole draft the good news, though New York fans I’ll start with Utah, just because you were wrong with me. The other day that I asked you about this guy, you said you thought he was a backup. What do you make of him going? 6-2 New York? I think it’s it’s V that they wanted because of Eli and because he’s been around David cutcliffe he’s been around the man that uses, but I think it was a big mistake. I really do. I think at that point go defense. There are plenty of good defensive players on the board or just don’t go that quarterback still sitting there available at 6. I know he fell 215 and Washington did a good job of knowing the board. I just think this is a massive reach and I think he question one day he couldn’t develop into an adequate starter, but that’s the best you’re going to get my opinion. You’Re taking up player number six, not a fan of the pic. What do you make? A Haskins with the Redskins, absolutely love the pic for Dwayne and for the Redskins between I love it simply because of this quarterback room is critical. As far as who are you, surrounded by Alex Smith is going to be. There play football again he’s going to be around around the Washington Redskins and he’s going to be someone who can help him develop as a pro Case. Keenum is the perfect Bridge quarterback to he’s going to be around guys for High character, guys highly intelligent, guys we’re going to help learn how to be there to help him learn how to be a pro? How to prepare as a pro teaching the Nuance of the this game at this level, they’re going to need them without itself as far as perimeter players and getting him some weapons down the field for the future produces to the point where he can stay in one System for a while and learn it not at the start over from scratch, what you know, what that does the Young quarterback, so I like where he went, I like what the Redskins did. Hopefully it turns out for the best now. Day, 1 theme story. Angelite, just an overarching point you want to make is what I think, the teams that understood the board and then where players are going to go, made out, take Denver. For example, they move back. They get additional additional pick in the second round. They get a first-rounder next year. They wind up and go get Noah Fant a player who, in a lot of teams boards, was a top-15 prospect. He’S tight end that can get down the field. He can create mismatches and Joe Flacco, who you brought in loves the tight end. He loved that security blanket so they help themselves. Only immediately, but for the future as well as your turn, there’s a guy who we need a profile. He needs had a position that we have been quite honestly underachieving and ever since Ryan Shazier got hurt when I move them 2210 to take Devin Bush, who you know it’s one of my favorite, if not my favorite player pound-for-pound in this trap, he is fantastic. As far as a three-down player, who can play The Run and play the past, I love the move. It was costly, but I love it and I think he’s going to give them to return on investment that they’re looking for
Scott Van Pelt is puzzled as to why the New York Giants decided to take Daniel Jones with the No. 6 pick of the 2019 NFL Draft. Todd McShay suggests the Giants made a mistake picking Jones because they could of focused on defense or even drafted a better quarterback in Dwayne Haskins. (1:37) Louis Riddick “absolutely loves” the Redskins selection of Dwayne Haskins with the No. 15 pick and how having Case Keenum on the roster will benefit Haskins in the long run.

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