Girls shouldn’t head soccer balls: study

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Girls shouldn’t head soccer balls: study
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make the next step in the movie had to the ball soccer players are learning how to head the ball safely make them muscles really tight so it only have this moved to head forward to the ball and it makes it safe for them part of the beautiful game but also controversial because of concerns over head injuries started playing when she was 6 Not only would my favorite thing to do it was that I did every single day it was it was my life but a series of hard hits to the Head Force Troy off the pitch for good in my head was hurting and I was busy in the lights on the subway seems really loud it in Houston researchers in the US found at women Fair worse than men when it comes to brain trauma from heading soccer balls researchers looked at nearly a hundred amateur players using a special MRI researchers scan the players brains and found a damaged brain tissue what’s 5 times worse and female players the areas in the brain Bergen blue are areas where the more heading the players did the more abnormal brain was the next drinks the actual structure is chipped and has done his own research into sports-related brain injuries with hockey players when it comes to soccer he doesn’t believe there’s any safe way to head a soccer ball and wants practice band at the amateur level head and neck should be off-limits and this isn’t a radical it’s proven with science recommend coaches don’t teach heading to young players but there doesn’t appear to be any canada-wide guidelines with specific rules Castro see CBC News Toronto
A new study advises girls not to head soccer balls. Researchers looked at nearly a hundred amateur players using a special MRI. They found damaged brain tissue was five times worse in female players.

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